• From Banksy to Lichtenstein and Beyond - Art Southampton 2015 Has it All!


    by Art Southampton

    Art Southampton 2015 July 9-13 Nova's Ark Project

    60 Millstone Road Bridgehampton


     See. You. There.



    (Above: Banksy "Tightrope Rat -- Detroit 2010" Courtesy Keszler Gallery New York; Roy Lichtenstein "Apples" 1993 Courtesy Galerie Terminus Munich) 

  • Art Southampton Artist of the Day: Fairfield Porter


    by Art Southampton

    Fairfield Porter was the most important American realist painter from 1949 until his death in 1975. Not coincidentally, these were the years when Porter lived in Southampton, and in 1979 his estate recognized the bond between the artist and the Museum by donating some 250 works to the Parrish collection.

    Porter was both a gifted painter and an accomplished writer who produced some of the most lucid art criticism and commentary of the time, notably his reviews for the magazine Art News. He insisted that he painted what he saw rather than what he might assume to be there. Porter painted what he was familiar with—his family and friends and the places he lived and visited, including Southampton and a family-owned island off the coast of Maine where he had summered since childhood.


    An artist who steadfastly maintained a figurative vision, Porter knew and admired many Abstract Expressionist artists on the East End, especially Willem de Kooning. Porter once wrote: "The realist thinks he knows ahead of time what reality is, and the abstract artist what art is, but it is in its formality that realist art excels, and the best abstract art communicates an overwhelming sense of reality." 

    Text courtesy of The Parrish Art Museum 

    (Pictured Top: Fairfield Porter "Morning Sky" (1972), oil on board, 14" x 16" Courtesy of Hirschl & Adler Modern, New York; Fairfield Porter at work 1944, Courtesy Winnetka Historical Society)

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