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United States
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Exhibitor's Artists:

Kang Chan Mo
Biography :
Kang Chan Mo was born in 1949 in Nonsan City, Korea. He graduated from the Department of Western Painting, College of Arts and Chung-Ang University. He studied traditional Coloration at Japan School of Art. And as well studied traditional coloration in Tsukuba University, in Japan. He was Awarded 2013 Gold Prize at Salon Exhibition, The France beauregard castle Museum. Progressively fed by his background in history of art and steps of his personal experiences, and based on his belief in the being and a deep idea of purity, his painting puts us at the heart of the reign of nature, through atmospheres imbued with silence and peace, suiting the specialty of his sensitive and mental approach. In margin of aesthetical and accepted classifications, his perception is not satisfied by the surface of things, but endeavors to keep only the essential of the rendering. This approach cultivates the process of ellipse and strips his backgrounds from what is superfluous, with necessary distance in order to shape the shortcut that sharpens the presence.

Kim Jae Il
Biography :
Kim Jae Il was born in 1969 in Seoul, Korea. Kim Jae Il's process of expression is hiding and burrowing to make the image and appearance visible. His forms differ with every work displaying themselves by perspective and sculpturesque convention. He believes in expressing the objects and ideas farther dynamically, assuring the works cannot be plane figures; existing somewhere between cubic and plane concepts by containing flat structures. Creating 3-dimension sculptural expressions and 2-dimension pictorial expressions, in one screen, is how Kim Jae Il's work is best described. Forming a unique process of intaglio, materializing several traces of our surroundings. It is his own language to engrave his vestige, unwilling to lose this in his works. Kim Jae Il earned his B.F.A and M.F.A at Hong Ik University in Seoul Korea. He has had numerous solo and Group Exhibitions through out Europe, Asia, and the US including, Korea, Hong Kong, New York, and Miami. His works have been a part of many important collections through out the world and he has received Awards from the Seoul Museum of Art, the National Museum of Contemporary art in Korea, and a Contemporary Sculpture award in Seoul Gallery. He is a member of Hongik Sculptor's Association, the Korean Sculptor's Association and the Korean Fine Arts Association. Exhibition :
Selected Solo Exhibition
2015 Vestige (Bien Gallery, Seoul Korea)
2015 Vestige (Lilac Gallery, New York USA)
2015 Vestige (Gallery Pakyoung, Paju Korea)
2014 Vestige (Daesan museum, Changwon Korea)
2014 Photon (Baekwoon Gallery, Seoul Korea)
2013 Flat structure (Gana art space, Seoul Korea)
2012 Vestige (Insa Art Center, Seoul Korea)
2004 Meat and Blood (Seongbo Gallery, Seoul Korea)
1995 Wings (Insa Gallery, Seoul Korea)

Selected Group Exhibition
2016 Flat Perceptions(Sladmore Contemporary / London, United Kingdom)
2016 Korea Galleries Artfair (COEX / Seoul, Korea)
2016 London Art Fair (London / United Kingdom)
2015 KIAF Korea International Art Fair (COEX / Seoul, Korea)
2015 Art Busan (Busan, Korea)
2015 Korea Galleries Artfair (COEX / Seoul, Korea)
2014 Cologne Artfair (Cologne, Germany)
2014 KIAF Korea International Art Fair (COEX / Seoul, Korea)
2014 BAMA Busan Annual Market of Art (BEXCO / Busan, Korea)
2014 Seoul Open Artfair (Seoul, Korea)
2014 Art Show Busan (Busan, Korea)
2014 Spring of Yangpyeong - Cooperation+Epigyny (Yangpyeong museum / Yangpyeong Korea)
2014 Fountain Artfair (New York, USA)
2014 Asia Hotel Artfair (Hong Kong, China)
2013 Daegu Artfair (Daegu, Korea)
2013 Cologne Artfair (Cologne, Germany)
2013 Beijing International Art Expo (Beijing, China)
2013 Asia hotel Artfair (Hong Kong, China)
2013 Fountain Artfair (New York, USA)
2013 New Think New Art (LeeSeoul gallery / Seoul, Korea)
2013 Seoul Open Artfair (Seoul, Korea)
2013 Art Show Busan (Busan, Korea)
2013 Art Osaka (Osaka, Japan)
2013 Asia hotel Artfair (Seoul, Korea)
2013 Spring Traveling (Asan gallery / Asan, Korea)
2012 Beijing International Art Expo (Beijing, China)
2012 Cologne Artfair (Cologne, Germany)
2012 Daegu Artfair (Daegu, Korea)
2012 Fountain Artfair (Miami, USA)
2012 Hongik Sculptors’ Association (Insa gallery / Seoul, Korea)
2012 Korean Sculptor’s Association Exhibition (Seoul Museum of Art / Seoul, Korea)
2012 Danwon Exhibi

Detailed Description :
The artist tries to show by revealing ‘traces’ as a common sense or personal ‘traces’ that were concealed beneath his ordinary scenery and takes the way to induce reinterpretation, have a new understanding and awake the meanings occurred in that place newly by making borrowing the shape of ordinary scenery morphologically. In addition, the center of the artist is not the reproduction or restoration of shape but beyond the phenomena of all objects by “the certain powers” occurred in these reproductions, and the way to suggest perceiving the features of the world. Through changeover from ordinary scenery to de-scenery, the artist attempts to deliver the story, which is closer to our lives. Artist's Documents: Kim Jae Il-Biography  
Also exhibited by: Skipwiths,
Lee Kwan Woo
Biography :
Lee Kwan Woo was born in 1969 in Gwacheon, South Korea. Having grown up near the city center of Seoul, Lee Kwan Woo has lived near a cultural intersection of the world. While studying art at Kwandong University, the artist majored in Western Painting and subsequently had several shows. Each mixed media painting commemorates a lost technology; in this case the hand stamp, and therefore leaves the authentic, rustic nature of these found objects intact. His work has been featured internationally, in art fairs around the world, in cities such as Seoul, Peking, New York and Paris. Lilac Gallery is one of the first galleries in the United States to be representing his work. By bringing the many into one, yet never losing the shining clarity of each individual, artist Kwan Woo makes a statement that goes beyond art and speaks directly to his view of life. Lee is a talented Korean artist who combines ancient tools and contemporary vision to create complex works of art that carry many layers of meaning. His Korean heritage is stamped on each work, yet the most fundamental message of his art is universal. Kwan Woo Lee creates paintings that are not made of paint. His two dimensional surfaces are actually not flat at all. Each stamp carries a word or a pictograph or just a design of the artist's concept. The stamps are placed in an uneven, undulating layer, across a flat surface. Some just out, some receded. They create fields and waves when seen at a distance. As a forest is composed of trees, and an ocean of infinite drops of water, so Lee's constructions achieve completion by the accumulation of many.

Suki Maguire
Biography :
Suki Maguire (Kim Jong Sook) was born in Seoul, Korea in 1949. She grew up in Seoul, and always displayed a propensity for the arts. As largely self-taught, her style reflects a strength and a passion that grew out of these struggles, as the Korean War broke out on 1950. However, after finishing school, the demands of work and family all precluded her from becoming seriously involved in her beloved art. Over a quarter of a century of teaching at the Seoul British School, has allowed her some outlet for her creative impulses through instructing the children or setting up seasonal displays at the school. Later, she felt it was time to get serious about doing her own work, and she enrolled at Hong-ik University's Adult Education Art Program. There she had the precious opportunity of studying under some of Korea's most illustrious artists. Suki has always retained her own unique personal approach to painting. An illustration of this was her methodology in painting nudes, her first major area of focus in her re-discovered art career. She would go into a Korean public bathhouse for women, without brush or camera, where she would employ her hands and arms to sketch invisibly, her chosen subject in her artistic minds eye. Later this creation of her very fecund imagination was to be rendered on canvas.

George Nemethy
Biography :
George Nemethy was born in 1952 in New York City. The Nemethy family immigrated from Hungary and consisted of six artists, all pupils of their late father Albert Sz. Nemethy. The children Julien, Albert Jr., George, Veronica, and the twins Kristina and Georgina. All of them were taught and inspired by their respected father, an American traditional and well groomed marine painter of high regard. George, as a pupil of his late father, became an artist through his inspiration and teachings. George is known for his pastoral miniature sail boat oil paintings. As a 20th century artist he was greatly inspired when he was young by Persian miniatures. Out of this fondness and extensive studying of these models, a devotion to intimacy and solitude was born. Devoting extreme patience to detail, achieving mastery to each and every work with his use of color and size.

Detailed Description :
Creating pastel hues across the waters with shimmering highlights, and puffed clouds pulling down to the sea, there is a magic being created. In his pieces we can find all the qualities that so many are in love with, and the reason why his paintings are sought after by elite collectors, sailors, and curators. His dreamy puffed clouds that are so effortlessly contrasted with the majestic blues in his sky and water, piece together this absolutely breath taking works. What creates an even more shocking and delightful surprise is, in almost every sailboat painting, if you look closely enough you will find tiny people depicted in the sail boat. In this piece you will find two people sitting about. His extreme attention to detail, and his fixation on miniatures when he was a child is what establishes such a wonderful enchantment to every single one of his masterful sailboat paintings. When critics refer to his work, they write on his sincere ability to achieve pure tranquillity in his paintings. A George Nemethy is hard to come by, largely because he is often traveling to pick up inspiration for his tranquil color pallet. An artist on the run, George's most sought after "colors on the sea" works are hard to find. Worldwide, sailors, curators and collectors have followed him from coast to coast to track down one of his precious paintings. Today George's works are almost impossible to find. We are pleased to have an extremely rare private collection of his works.
Richard Shaoul
Biography :
Richard Shaoul was born in 1985 in New York City. He is a self-taught American artist. His mostly fictional works contain both natural and supernatural dream-like elements inspired from his own deep imagination. Richard defines what it means to be an artist without limits or guidelines. His paintings exhibit that endless possibilities are indeed fathomable. His extreme precision and attention to detail distinguishes him from his counterparts. His works, typically in charcoal, portray surreal scenes with rich textures and depth, intense contrasts and eccentric exaggerations; regardless of the subject. His works, both magnificent and endearing, provide a glimpse into his ever-so abstract mind.

Cindy Shaoul
Biography :
Cindy Shaoul was born in 1987 in New York. Shaoul is a visual listed American artist with a Hungarian-Persian background that comes from a lineage of artists. Shaoul completed her professional education at Emerson College, later moving to Israel and Hungary to study culture and science. In 2007 she attended the Budai Art Institute in Budapest. Cindy returned to New York City to continue her artistic education at the Art Students League, where she worked under the tutelage of Joseph Peller, Gregg Kreutz, and Tom Torak. In 2010 she began collaborating with LA II (Angel Ortiz) who previously worked with Keith Haring in the late 1980’s. Shaoul and LA II worked on a collection of pieces that have been exhibited in Europe.


Our main focus is on emerging international artists that explore new media in their concept with cutting edge techniques, breaking the barrier of conventionality with expressive pieces.
Founded in 2012
Cynthia Ilitzky   Gallery Director
Mark Ilitzky   Gallerist
Paul Lee   Gallerist for International Affairs
Lilac Gallery aims to discover brand new art styles and art forms. We handle a roster of contemporary artists and remain to focus on having unique, desirable, thought provoking and original art works in our gallery as well as showcasing American and European Fine Art. Lilac Gallery is earning a highly-esteemed place among top art connoisseurs, collectors, artists, and dealers alike in New York City's growing art market. We aim to achieve excellence in every regard, maintaining a multitude of hand-selected works in our collection. Client satisfaction is undoubtedly one of the key pillars upon which the gallery was built, as we strive to meet each individual's customized needs by taking the time to cultivate personal client relationships, and gain a solid understanding of where each of their particular interests lie.
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