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  • Thinking of You - DABS MYLA
  • Landscape 2 with Bench 2A - Jordan Nickel


Roger Gastman
1965 N. Berendo St.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
United States
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E-mail address : dante@rrockenterprises.com
Website : http://www.gastmangallery.com

Exhibitor's Artists:

Biography :
Patrick McNeil born 1975 in Edmonton, Alberta Patrick Miller born 1976 in Minneapolis, Minnesota Based in Brooklyn, NY FAILE is a collaboration between Brooklyn-based artists, Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller. Since its inception in 1999, FAILE has been known for a wide ranging multimedia practice recognizable for its explorations of duality through a fragmented style of appropriation and collage. While painting and printmaking remain central to their approach, over the past decade FAILE has adapted its signature mass culture-driven iconography to vast array of materials and techniques. FAILE’s work is constructed from found visual imagery, and blurs the line between “high” and “low” culture. Exhibition :

FAILE: Savage/Sacred Young Minds, Brooklyn Museum,
Brooklyn, NY – July 10th-Ocotber 4th
FAILE: Wishing on You, Times Square, New York, NY
Aug 17th – Sept 2nd

FAILE: Works on Wood: Process, Paintings and Sculpture,
Allouche Gallery, New York, NY – Nov 15th-Dec 12th
Fuel, Fantasy, Freedom, Galerie Ernst Hilger, Vienna, AU

Where Wild Won’t Break, Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, TX
Faile Wheels, NYC Ballet Art Series Installation at Lincoln Center, Koch Theater, New York, NY
Faile Tower, NYC Ballet Art Series Installation at Lincoln Center, Koch Theater, New York, NY

Eat With the Wolf, Commissioned Public Sculpture by Mongolian Arts Council, UlaanBaatar, Mongolia
104 North 7th Project, Brooklyn, NY

Fragments Of Faile, Lazarides Gallery, London, UK
Houston and Bowery Mural, New York, NY
Faile “A Decade of Prints and Originals”, Post No Bills, Venice Beach, CA

Bedtime Stories, Perry Rubenstein Gallery, New York, NY
Temple, Portugal Arte 10, Lisbon, Portugal

Lost In Glimmering Shadows, Lazarides Gallery, London, UK

Nothing Lasts Forever, Lazarides Gallery, New York, NY
From Brooklyn With Love, Lazarides Gallery, London, UK

Faile Prints, Fifty24, Portland, OR
24th Anniversary Mural, Weiden+Kennedy, Portland, OR

Denver Show, Andenken Gallery, Denver, CO
The Room NYC, New York, NY

Break Beat Science, Tokyo, Japan
One Eye Space, Los Angeles, USA


Inaugural Exhibition, Allouche Gallery, New York, NY
FAILE & BÄST, Deluxx Fluxx Arcade Edinburgh, Summerhall Museum, Scotland, UK
The Provocateurs, Art Alliance, Chicago, IL
RE:DEFINE MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation Art Benefit, Dallas, TX
Juxtapoz 20th Anniversary Show, Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York, NY
Darren Aronofsky’s Fountains of the Deep: Visions of Noah and the Flood, New York, NY
Cat Art Show, 101/Exhibit, Los Angeles, CA

Biography :
DABSMYLA are well familiarized in the practice of collaboration, the married duo convey their daily life together within their illustrations and have perfected a unique method through the back-and-forth painting process that they equally share. Since moving from Australia to Los Angeles in 2009, DABSMYLA have been non-stop in developing their artwork in vivid and bold new directions. Inspired by Modernism and the contemporary artists of the post- war period, DABSMYLA incorporate many mid-century elements with their illustration and pictorial narratives. From designing the logo and set of the 2015 MTV Movie Awards to their ambitious installation takeover with Modernica furniture company in 2015, they have consistently pushed their creative boundaries and are set to transform Viacom headquarters and Times Square, New York this summer. Exhibition :
Selection of Recent Exhibits

• 2016 – Times Square & VIACOM Headquarters Installation, New York, NY
• 2015 – Before and Further, Exhibition Installation, Modernica Furniture, Los Angeles, CA
• 2015 – MTV Movie Awards, Logo and Full Set Design, Los Angeles, CA
• 2015 – Solo Exhibition at CORE: Club, New York, NY
• 2014 – Sanrio: Hello Kitty Convention, Installation & Exhibition, MOCA Geffen, Los Angeles, CA
• 2014 – POW WOW HAWAII: Mural Festival and Museum Exhibition, Hawaii
• 2014 – Tahiti Ono’u Mural Festival,

Detailed Description :
Inspired by Modernism and the contemporary artists of the post- war period, DABSMYLA incorporate many mid-century elements with their illustration and pictorial narratives.
DABS MYLA - Thinking of You
Thinking of You
Jordan Nickel / POSE
Biography :
Named “One to Watch” by CNN in 2015 as part of their international television series that shines a light on up-and-coming creative talent set to be the next big names in culture, modern pop artist POSE has been applauded for his inventive ability to take everyday, throw-away things and introduce them into the world to communicate something much deeper. While his work relies on harnessing very simple human emotions like love, loss and triumph, it’s presented in a complex union of vivid colors and layered application that aims for something much more profound than what’s at the literal, surface level. Having shown works at galleries spanning the globe – including Dubai, London, New York and Los Angeles – his diversity as a visual artist is also apparent in grandiose outdoor settings on six different continents. His aim to promote community engagement and outreach has received press from the likes of The New York Times, BBC News, Vanity Fair and Forbes – with notable examples including the Bowery/Houston wall in New York City, the Wynwood walls in Miami, and the exterior of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit, where he and other artists championed visual expression to empower residents to beautify a neglected American city. Exhibition :
Selected Solo Exhibitions
Work in Progress, WIP Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Bold Notion, Core Club, New York, NY

Lemonade, Library Street Collective, Detroit, MI
Public Matter, The Belt, Detroit, MI
Volta w/ Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York, NY

White Wash, Known Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Rumble, Known Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Selected Duo Exhibitions
Pose & Mel Ramos, Art Wynwood w/ Galerie Ernst Hilger, Miami, FL

Pose & Revok, The Mine w/ Library Street Collective, Dubai, UAE

Pose & Revok, uphill both ways, Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York, NY

Selected Group Shows
Art Southampton w/ GASTMAN, New York, NY
Group Show, Library Street Collective, Detroit, MI

Art Silicone Valley w/ Galerie Ernst Hilger
Art Art Miami w/ Galerie Ernst Hilger
Expo Chicago w/ Galerie Ernst Hilger
Human Occult Powers, Circuit 12 Contemporary, Dallas, TX

Cruel Summer, Primary, Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York, NY
Hello Kitty Con, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA
Provocateurs, Curated by Shepard Fairey, Chicago, IL
Art Basel Miami w/ Library Street Collective
Z Exibit, Library Street Collective, Detroit, MI

Brutal, Lazarides Gallery, London
Context Art Miami w/ Library Street Collective
Out Tith The Old, Library Street Collective, Detroit, MI

Art Wynwood w/ The GO Shop, Miami, FL
Scope-Basel w/ Jonathan Levine Gallery, Switzerland

Will Rise, Yves LaRoche Gallery, Montreal
Small Gift, Curated by Roger Gastman, Miami FL

Send Lawyers Guns and Money, Canvas LA, Los Angeles, CA

Amass, Scion Space, Culver City, CA

Letters First, Bread & Butter, Barcelona, Spain

What’s The Matter With Kansas, Rare, New York, NY
Supereducated, Long Island City, NY
Nova Young Art Fair, Chicago, IL
4 Pop, Gunnison Art Center, Gunnison, CO
Scope Art Fair, Miami, FL

Moving In Moving Out, Flex storage, Topeka, KS
Boundary Crea

Detailed Description :
POSE takes from the world, his attempt at making sense of the environment around him started with graffiti and has matured into a body of work with multiple dimensions and layers that are a pop blend of illustration, lettering and comic book aesthetics. “It could be a rundown bodega sign I saw on the way to the studio, the way gang graffiti got buffed, watching Dumbo with my daughters in the morning or a deep-seeded memory I’m trying to work through,” POSE says. As his work evolves, so do POSE’s methods of encouraging people to let their imaginations run wild. “I get very obsessed with the work that I create. It yanks me out of bed early in the morning and doesn’t let me sleep at night. I get really high from the relationship I get with a body of work.” Seeing more than just the value of the walls in a gallery setting, POSE has added three-dimensional installations to his repertoire. The result is an experiential art environment that the viewer can live and walk through.
Jordan Nickel - Landscape 2 with Bench 2A
Landscape 2 with Bench 2A
Jason Revok


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