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Catinca Tabacaru Gallery

Catinca Tabacaru Gallery
250 Broome Street
New York, New York 10002
United States
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E-mail address : catinca@catincatabacaru.com
Website : http://www.catincatabacaru.com

Exhibitor's Artists:

Greg Haberny
Biography :
GREG HABERNY (born 1970, Connecticut) has shown work throughout the United States and internationally. He has sold in the auction house Phillips de Pury and at Christie’s. His work is part of many prestigious private and public collections. The Gallery is working on taking Haberny to the next level in his career through museum acquisitions and public projects. We recently placed a piece in the Middleburry College Museum in Vermont where he has an upcoming solo exhibition this October. Exhibition :
Museum Exhibitions
HVCCA Peekskill Project V – Peekskill, NY (2012)
McColl Center for Visual Art for the Democratic National Convention, Charlotte, NC (2012)
Katonah Museum of Art Triennial – Katonah, NY (2005) 

Bedford Historical Society – Bedford, NY (2004)

Selected Recent Exhibitions
Upcoming 2014

Arson, CATINCA TABACARU gallery, New York (solo)
Make It Big, Make It Red, Put A Crown On It, CATINCA TABACARU gallery, New York
PULSE Contemporary Art Fair, New York, presented by CATINCA TABACARU gallery
It Begins On Paper, CATINCA TABACARU gallery, New York
World’s Fair: Lost Utopias, Onishi Gallery, New York, curator: Kipton Cronkite
Coming Out To Play, CATINCA TABACARU gallery, New York
Strychnin Gallery, Berlin, Germany (solo)
Art Miami CONTEXT Art Fair, Miami (solo), presented by Lyons Wier Gallery
Burn All Crayons, Lyons Wier Gallery, New York (solo show)

Ever Ours, Beethoven Festival: LOVE 2013, Chicago, curator: Catinca Tabacaru

SCOPE Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland, presented by CATINCA TABACARU gallery
Volta Art Fair, New York (solo show), presented by Lyons Wier Gallery


Peekskill Project V, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, (museum)

Artist Residency, McColl Center for Visual Art, Charlotte, NC (museum)

Untitled, Shizaru Gallery, London, UK

Mommy’s Little Monster, Schriever Gallery, Cologne, Germany (solo)

The December Show, Kesting/Ray Gallery, New York

24/7, Lyons Wier Gallery, New York

stARTup in A Bright Future, UF6 Projects Gallery, Berlin

Appetite for Destruction, an American Nightmare, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin

Detailed Description :
GREG HABERNY is a post-contemporary artist American artist. It was the work of Larry Clark that helped him understand how art could be more than just beauty, leading him to a world that welcomed controversy and strong personal expression. His discovery of artists like Cy Twombly would open up his world into the abstract, Martin Kippenberger’s diversity helped him to identify with his own compulsiveness, and Duchamp’s satirical spirit allowed him the freedom to release his own sardonic style. It was through film that he learned how installations, as a medium, can be produced and directed. Artist's Documents: Greg Haberny 2014 CV  
Tamara Mendels

Shinji Murakami
Biography :
SHINJI MURAKAMI is a Japanese artist who uses his love of 8-bit video game expressions, simple vector lines, and original childish drawing characters to interrogate the virtual world seeping into our ‘real world’. In 2003 Shinji began creating 8-bit map works and street art, and from 2009 until now, he has been working on 3D-8bit sculptures that give physical form to the flat 8-bit images. The philosophy of Gunpei Yokoi, the famous inventor of Nintendo’s Game Boy: “Lateral Thinking with Withered Technology,” plays heavily into Murakami’s conceptual framework. Withered technology in this context refers to a mature technology that is cheap and well understood. Lateral thinking refers to finding radical new ways of using such technology. Yokoi held that toys and games do not necessarily require cutting edge technology; novel and fun gameplay are more important.This concept is something that has been practiced throughout recent art history. The silkscreen prints of Andy Warhol and the American comic-style expression of Roy Lichtenstein, are born from withered technology. Murakami does not believe that profound human understanding has necessarily caught up to the explosive evolution of modern computer technology (also according to Moore’s Law). The pixelated expressions of 8-bit video games, which give those in his generation born in the 1980s nostalgia, are also one withered part of this evolutionary process. This pixel that will probably be forgotten in a few years due to the appearance of the Retina Display. He is, right now, fascinated by lateral thinking of this pixel. Exhibition :
2014 :), Tinca Art in collaboration with Artion Gallery, New York, NY
2004 snz exhibition, Secobar, Tokyo, Japan
Final Quest, Graniph Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
2012 Game Change, PULSE Art and Technology Festival, Telfair
Museums, Savannah, GA
2011 Artists Rescue Team for Japan, Williamsburg Arts & History Center,
Brooklyn, NY
2014 Jumbo Dumbo Puppy, Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn, NY
2015 Animals & Imaginations, lorimoto, Brooklyn, NY
The Spoon & Tamago Studio Visits, hpgrp Gallery, New York, NY
2014 Gilded Holiday, PK Shop, New York, NY
Summer Garden, Onishi Project, New York, NY
Divisionaire, JoAnne Artman Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
Coming Out To Play, Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, New York
Valentine’s, PK Shop, New York, NY
2013 Ever Ours, Beethoven Festival: LOVE 2013, Chicago, IL
2012 Playing the Game, O’Artoteca, Milan, Italy
Revolution, National Pastime Theater, Chicago, IL
Citydrift, The Bogart Salon, Brooklyn, NY
2011 We Are One: Japan Benefit, Camel Art Space, Brooklyn, NY
2009 NYAB Turns One, Dumbo Arts Center, Brooklyn, NY
2008 Geisai Museum #11, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
2003 F-Exhibition, Sign Gallery, Tokyo

Yapci Ramos
Biography :
The work of the Spanish artist YAPCI RAMOS is forceful in its subtle simplicity. A multi-media artist of striking complexity, her diverse output is deeply invested in interactions: not the simple interaction of cause and effect but the complex interactions that define the subject in relation to the Other. With a keen eye for abstract visual and conceptual relationships, an uncanny ability to capture personal moments, and a subtle capacity for implying narrative depth, her artistic output makes the viewer question their assumptions about people and the places the live and work. Her work challenges the border of comfort between the body and society while engaging the intricate workings of both internal psychology and external expressions of identity. ​ ​Ramos’ photographic work is filled with stark, raw colors and forms. The subjects are brutally honest (...LO-LI-TA...), with real, time-worn bodies teaming with strength (Corps) in equal parts with a delicate, open vulnerability (Border). These bodies are not alone however, they are situated firmly in well-defined architectural spaces, firmly rooted in societies, embedded in neighborhoods, living lifestyles filled with friendships and hardships (Portra-It). Ramos captures an almost documentary veracity while simultaneously framing the subject with a hint of personal understanding and engagement. In many of these works, buildings become bodies, equally time-worn and even more situated in place. Benches, facades, and hallways take on an almost cinematic anticipation (Hotel, Un Paseo por Flamingo Park) and a dynamic temporality. Her images generate stories, each pockmarked with the legible traces of life-lived, and life-to-come. The images become a vessel for the narrative etched in the careful framing, positioning, lighting, of the subjects. A substantial multi-media output reinforces the documentary streak through Ramos’ practice, but through a lens that fragments and reassembles the captured sound and Exhibition :
2014 Transmissions Video Art, LOOP, Barcelona, Librería Calders, Barcelona
V Bienal de Honduras, MIN Museo para la Identidad Nacional, Honduras
Noche del Trópico, CCET Centro Cultural de España en Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Museo Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo MIAC Castillo de San José, Spain
La isla Imaginada II, Centro de Arte Juan Ismael, Fuerteventura, Spain
2013 Bioderivas, Museo de la Natruraleza y el Hombre de Tenerife, Tenerife, Spain
Re-Design | Síntese, 7th Biennial Sao Tomé e Principe, Sao Tomé
Sin escala: Nuevas coordenadas del arte en Canarias, DA2 -Domus Artium 2002,
Salamanca, Spain
100 Years in the Underground: Steichen to Sherman, Peanut Underground, New York
Conventional Codes Of, Lambert Fine Arts, New York, curator: Catinca Tabacaru
In Process, TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Spain
Juego de Máscaras: La identidad como ficción, Centro de Arte La Regenta, Las Palmas
de Gran Canaria, Spain
2012 INSIGHT Foundation, I Bienal de Arte Contemporáneo del Caribe, Aruba
Ramses, Life & Art, Madrid, Spain
Juego de mascaras: La identidad como ficción, TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Spain
2011 Arte de Guerrilla, XII BAC, Spain
Barcelona Arte Contemporáneo, Barcelona, Spain
Legacy, Sound Proof 4, London, UK
Big Deal Sexy 100, London, UK
Jokes & Nightmares, Solyanka State Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Si quebró el cántaro, El Castillo Espacio Cultural Tenerife, Spain
Women´s Voices from the Muslim World: A Short-Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA
Back, Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York, NY
2010 Emotional Geographies, II Luanda Triennale, Espacio Platinium, Angola, Spain
Reflexió Temporal, BAC Barcelona Arte Cotemporáneo, Fundació Suñol, Spain
Si quebró el cántaro, TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Spain
En los márgenes, TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Spain
Espacios Abiertos, Centro de Arte La Recova, Tenerife, Spain
2009 Pandora´s Box, X BAC Barcelona Arte, Spain
Contemporáneo, CCCB Centro Cultu

Xavier Robles de Medina

Justin Orvis Steimer
Biography :
Born in Colorado, 1981 Education: BFA University of Colorado at Boulder, 2004 In 2012, Steimer was selected as the Artist In Residence at the Beethoven Festival in Chicago. In September 2013 he completed his first public work, a live progress painting in Two North Riverside Plaza, Chicago. Last December, in addition to a sold out solo exhibition during Miami Basel, the pieces of which went into 8 international private collections, Steimer was awarded Runner-Up for the PULSE Prize given out to one emerging artist per year. Exhibition :
Solo Exhibitions

upcoming 2014
have you ever wondered what a soul looks like?, CATINCA TABACARU gallery, New York

PULSE Contemporary Art Fair (Impulse), Miami, presented by TINCA ART
Two North Riverside Plaza, Chicago (public work)

Group Exhibitions

Upcoming 2014
HUS Galleries, London, England

It Begins On Paper, CATINCA TABACARU gallery
Coming Out To Play, CATINCA TABACARU gallery
PULSE Contemporary Art Fair, NYC

The Collection Plus New Artists, Eastmen Gallery, Hasselt, Belgium
39th Mill Valley Film Festival, curator: Justin Giarla & Carly Ivan Garcia
Here Now, Pop Up Gallery, New York
Ever Ours, Beethoven Festival: LOVE 2013, Chicago, curator: Catinca Tabacaru
SCOPE Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland, presented by TINCA ART
SCOPE Art Fair, New York, presented by TINCA ART

SCOPE Art Fair, Miami, presented by TINCA ART
Revolution, National Pastime Theater, Chicago (Residency), curator Catinca Tabacaru
Visions Did Appear, TINCA ART with PS Project Space, New York
G-train Salon, Brooklyn
Fountain Art Fair, New York, presented by TINCA ART

Camp Interactive, CarbonNYC, New York, curator: Catinca Tabacaru
The Schoolhouse, Brooklyn (studio show)

Detailed Description :
JUSTIN ORVIS STEIMER (born 1981, Colorado) is an American abstract painter. He works primarily on salvaged materials ranging from linen and boat sails, which he cuts and sews into canvases, to pieces on inanimate objects that find their way into his life. These objects, and the cutting, sewing, and stretching of materials into large, geometric canvases, are just as much a part of the work as the painting itself; their natural characteristics informing each step of the process. When he paints, he focuses his attention on the space, the object, or the person the painting depicts, absorbing its energy and translating it into his ever-evolving abstract vocabulary. The first layer of painted shapes informs the next as Steimer connects and breaks down space. The final layer could not exist without those first strokes, whether resembling them or not, nor could it exist without the base, the canvas itself. Artist's Documents: Justin Orvis Steimer 2014 CV  


The eclectic program boasts a focus on emerging artists working in painting, works on paper and socially conscious projects.
Founded in 2014
Raphael Guilbert  
Catinca Tabacaru   Director
Founded in 2014 by Catinca Tabacaru, a former human rights lawyer and principal curator and dealer of Tinca Art, CATINCA TABACARU gallery cultivates the talent of an international roster of young, emerging, and established artists. The geopolitical environment, identity, gender, and themes of time and spirituality run deep throughout the gallery’s program, which frequently curates, and branches out into multidisciplinary projects beyond the visual arts.
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