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  • Rolling No.1  - Ye Hongxing


4500 Biscayne Blvd Suite 300
Miami, FL 33137
United States
E-mail address : info@artlexing.com
Website : http://www.artlexing.com

Exhibitor's Artists:

Nina ahn

Dawei Dong

Ye Hongxing

Ye Hongxing - Rolling No.1
Rolling No.1
Chengxiang Lu

Quentin Shih

Xiaojin Wang

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

Weihong Qin


Contemporary Chinese art
Founded in 2010
Lexing Zhang   Director
ART LEXÏNG is committed to promoting museum-quality works from emerging Asian artists, each with truly original and challenging perspectives filtered through photography, sculpture and traditional two-dimensional media. Participating in internationally-acclaimed art fairs and partnering with respected institutions and galleries throughout the United States and Europe, ART LEXÏNG presents its global audience with only the most forward-thinking, provocative works from Asia's brightest young talents. ART LEXÏNG welcomes you to the future of contemporary Asian art.
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