Exhibitor listing
  • Il Mondo Che Non Vedo, No 202 - Italy, 2016 - Fabiano Parisi
  • Youth, 2016 -
  • Deadly Flowers 1, 2016 - Zemer Peled
  • Venice 2, 2010 - Tom Leighton
  • The Lakes, 2015 - Tom Leighton
  • Neighbors, 2014/15 -
  • Anonymous, 2014 -
  • Wexler Steel House IV, 2015
 - Andy Burgess
  • The Studio of the Painter, Pierre Subleyras, 2012 - Lluís Barba
  • La Muestra de Gersaint Watteau, 2016 - Lluís Barba
 - Deborah Azzopardi
  • Gossip, 2016
 - Deborah Azzopardi
  • Ophelia, No. 5, 2013
  • Ophelia, No. 2, 2013
  • Rise, 2015
  • Expectations, 2015 -
  • Gallery of Views of Modern Rome. Giovanni Paolo Pannini, 2012

 - Lluís Barba
  • Stahl House No. 6, 2013	 - Andy Burgess
  • The Great Escape, 2015

 - Deborah Azzopardi

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Exhibitor's Artists:

Deborah Azzopardi
Biography :
Deborah Azzopardi has become world-renowned for her distinctive pop art images which she has been producing for the past 25 years. While her colours serve as the initial bait to gain the viewer’s attention, it is her subject matter that hooks you and keeps you captivated. In “Saturday Night” 2004, lipstick is seductively applied, while elsewhere toned bodies remove items of clothing and long female legs dangle from a red convertible. These works are provocatively flirtatious, highlighted by playful titles such as “Beach Party” and “Happy Birthday”. Millions of people across the world are familiar with her artworks, her works have been published internationally and there is an incredible demand for her Original Paintings. Azzopardi’s mission is to be free to play with the drama and joy of everyday life. She breaks her subjects down into vibrant segments and into moments we have all experienced and she captures them forever in paint. The respect she has gained in publishing reflects the honesty and innocence of her intentions. Her paintings and Limited Editions celebrate the comedy of turbulent relationships, seductions and the fantasies and worries we all have. The viewer is allowed to ponder, without preconceptions, the moments her paintings represent. To possess a piece of Deborah Azzapardi’s work is to embrace the qualities that make us human and to be captivated by her palette of color.

Deborah Azzopardi - The Great Escape, 2015
The Great Escape, 2015
Deborah Azzopardi - Gossip, 2016
Gossip, 2016
Deborah Azzopardi - BLAH-BLAH-BLAH-BLAH!, 2012
Lluís Barba
Biography :
Born in Spain and educated at the Escola Massana Centre d’Art, Barcelona, Barba has exhibited his work in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Canada. His work is held in major public collections and museums, such as the Artothèque d’Art Anekdota in Paris, Foundation Daniela Chappard of Caracas, Foundation Lluís Carulla, L’Espluga de Francolí, Tarragona, Instituto Cervantes in Tangier, Morocco, Museo Jacobo Borges Caracas, Museo Marugame Hirai Japan, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam, la Habana, Museo Internacional Cairo, Egypt and Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona. Private collections include, Jorge M. Pérez of Miami, Stuart & Pamela Rothenberg of New York, Rick & Kathy Hilton of Los Angeles and Wendy Fisher of London. Lluís Barba reworks iconic artworks to comment on contemporary society, introducing modern characters into Hyeronimus Bosch’s or Pieter Brueghel’s medieval scenes. His work leverages the language of artistic symbolism to critique both modern society and the art world. Utilizing society darlings such as Paris Hilton and Kate Moss, art world players such as Jay Jopling and music icons such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna, Barba expresses his debt to Art History and contemporary culture through a satirical and humorous slant.

Lluís Barba - Gallery of Views of Modern Rome. Giovanni Paolo Pannini, 2012
Gallery of Views of Modern Rome. Giovanni Paolo Pannini, 2012
Lluís Barba - La Muestra de Gersaint Watteau, 2016
La Muestra de Gersaint Watteau, 2016
Lluís Barba - The Studio of the Painter, Pierre Subleyras, 2012
The Studio of the Painter, Pierre Subleyras, 2012
Also exhibited by: Dean Project,
Andy Burgess
Biography :
Artist Andrew Burgess's fascination with buildings continues with this new series of large scale paintings that colourfully re-imagines some of the iconic masterpieces of early Twentieth Century modern architecture. Focussing on Bauhaus, De Stijl and other movements associated with the “International Style” Burgess has been selecting subjects for his paintings with the discernment of the portrait painter. Buildings are chosen for their clean lines, bold geometric design and dynamic forms. Burgess approaches his subjects with a fresh eye, simplifying forms even further and inventing, somewhat irreverently, new colour schemes that expand the modernist lexicon beyond the minimalist white palette and the rigid use of primary colours. Whilst some of Burgess's subjects, such as Gerrit Rietveld's Schroder House or Pierre Koenig's Case Study House No. 22 are now world renowned examples of modern architecture, others are lesser known or even obscure masterpieces. For example Burgess has painted imaginative studies of the Austrian architect Lois Welzenbacher's Heyrovsky House and Rosenbauer House, both of which exhibit this architect's preference for dynamic curvilinear structures perched on the hillsides of the Austrian Tyrol. Starting with black and white images gleaned from his personal collection of antiquarian architecture books such as F.R.S. Yorke's “The Modern House” published in 1934, Burgess brings these and other houses to life for a contemporary audience with entirely invented colours and a painterly evocation of mood and place. Titling his new series of work “The Painted Cube” Burgess has embarked upon a project that he anticipates will occupy him for several years, exploring in depth the genesis of modern architecture in Europe and the US and it's relationship to modern art, avant-garde design and abstract painting in particular. “In some senses this project is a labour of love to record my own encyclopedia of early modern buildings

Andy Burgess - Stahl House No. 6, 2013
Stahl House No. 6, 2013
Andy Burgess - Wexler Steel House IV, 2015
Wexler Steel House IV, 2015
Lottie Davies
Biography :
Davies’ work is concerned with stories and personal histories, the tales and myths we use to structure our lives: memories, life-stories, beliefs and identity while also referencing popular culture, such as cinema and television. She takes inspiration from classical, Old Masters such as Constable, Delaroche and from modern painting, cinema and theatre as well as the imaginary worlds of literature. She employs a deliberate reworking of our visual vocabulary, playing on our notions of nostalgia, visual conventions and subconscious ‘looking habits’, with the intention of evoking a sense of recognition, narrative and movement. Sandy Nairne, Director of the National Portrait Gallery in London, has described Davies’ work as “brilliantly imaginative”. Lottie Davies has enjoyed success with numerous awards such as the Association of Photographers’ Awards, the International Color Awards, and the Schweppes Photographic Portrait Awards. In 2012 her collaboration on 'Dreams of Your Life' with Hide & Seek/Film 4.0 was BAFTA-nominated. Specific images have garnered international acclaim. Her image Quints, 2008 won First Prize at the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Awards 2008 at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Her image Viola As Twins, 2008 won the Photographic Art Award, Arte Laguna Prize in Venice in 2011. Work from her Memories and Nightmares series won The Young Masters Art Prize 2012, London. In 2013 Davies won the Kontinent Fine Art Photographer of the Year 2013. September 2013 work from her Memories and Nightmares series were exhibited as part of a group show at the Dong Gang International Photo Festival at the Dong Gang Museum, in South Korea, curated by Louise Clements and Joanne Yang, titled ‘The Constructed View: UK Photography Now’.

Tessa Eastman
Biography :
Tessa Eastman works by hand in clay, using multiple techniques to create complex ceramic structures. Time is devoted to achieving rich glazed surfaces. Her pieces are characterised by a curious, often playful ambiguity, frequently inspired by microscopic structural details found in the natural world. Fixing ungraspable, transformative, and natural states of growth is crucial to her aesthetic. The strange otherworldliness seen in the natural world transports her away from the mundane, and it is her intention to make a fixed ceramic form seem alive. She strives to evoke awareness of life’s impermanence. Tessa Eastman was shortlisted for the 2017 Young Masters Maylis Grand Ceramics Prize.

Tom Leighton
Biography :
Tom Leighton was born in London in 1981. Following his BA in printmaking from the University of Brighton in 2004, he gained an MA from the Royal College of Art in 2006. Throughout his practice, Leighton has worked with urban landscapes. In 2006 he won the John Purcell Paper Prize and the Thames & Hudson Book Prize. He has exhibited in London, Paris, Tokyo and the United States. Collections include The Sandor Family Collection, Chicago, Kunsthalle Weishaupt Collection, Ulm Germany, MuCEM (French National Museum of European and Mediterranean civilizations), Tiroche Collection, UK/Israel, The Shein Family Collection of Pennsylvania, Felix Robyns, 12 Advisors Group, London/Brussels, Nicholas Topiol, President of Christian Lacroix, Paris, The UBS Art Collection, JCA Group, London & The Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Leighton lives and works in London and is represented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London.

Detailed Description :
The photographs of Tom Leighton engage with urban landscape. By digitally altering photographs Leighton tries to deconstruct and retranslate the cities that we inhabit. Creating fictional landscapes allows him to ignore the constraints of possibility and logic. However as much as he pulls apart and constructs his unique urban views, he aims to create a believable view of the world, which verges on the surreal but remains rooted in reality. Leighton finds that city architecture & infrastructure makes the urban environment a „seasonless‟ place. “My photographs are akin to a memory of a place - a distorted, reconstituted reality - by creating areas of ambiguity, I play with the brain‟s capacity to ignore or falsely correct what doesn‟t initially make sense. Frequently I try to leave the viewer of my work floating from an „all seeing‟ elevated dreamlike perspective – they become disconnected/disassociated and are left reflecting a vision of urban splendour which simultaneously conflicts with the evident paranoia inherent in contemporary society.” So in constructing his urban views he uses a number of indicators that set the tone of the photograph. For example bare trees and night settings indicate winter. In his work Leighton finds it important to incorporate some kind of organic movement to contrast against the symmetrical & restrictive architecture, and the artificial and seemingly everlasting city lights. Artist's Documents: Tom Leighton Appropriation of Space  
Tom Leighton - The Lakes, 2015
The Lakes, 2015
Tom Leighton - Venice 2, 2010
Venice 2, 2010
Fabiano Parisi
Biography :
Living in Rome, Parisi is surrounded by classical paintings and frescos; he is fascinated by the classical monuments and ancient ruins that remain, imagining how they were hundreds of years ago. Parisi’s photographic project, Il mondo che non vedo (The world I do not see), started from this concept, focusing his attention on modern ruins: theatres, churches, factories and other places that remain abandoned from our recent past and present. Il mondo... focuses on the mysterious beauty of these abandoned locations, which the Parisi sees as still having a soul, almost living independently from human memory and experience. Parisi participated in the 54th Venice Biennale, Italian Pavilion and in Fotografia Festival Internazionale di Roma in 2012 at the Macro Museum. In 2012 Parisi participated in the Arte Laguna Prize, Venice where he was awarded a special prize, and in 2012 and 2014, he was shortlisted for the Young Masters Art Prize. He has had several solo shows , at the UBS bank in Lugano in 2014, at Glauco Cavaciuti gallery in Milan in 2013 and 2011, at the FotoLeggendo photography festival in Rome in 2011, at the Museo di Roma in Trastevere in 2010 and at the Fabbrica Borroni in Milan in 2009.

Fabiano Parisi - Il Mondo Che Non Vedo, No 202 - Italy, 2016
Il Mondo Che Non Vedo, No 202 - Italy, 2016
Zemer Peled
Biography :
Peled was born and raised in a Kibbutz in the northern part of Israel. After completing a BA (Hons) at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem she graduated with an MA (Hons) from the Royal College of Art. In recent years her work has been featured nationally and internationally in museums and galleries including Sotheby’s and Saatchi Gallery-London, Eretz Israel Museum-Tel Aviv and the Orangerie du Senate, Paris among others. Zemer Peled’s work examines the beauty and brutality of the natural world. Her sculptural language is formed by her surrounding landscapes and nature, engaging with themes of nature and memories, identity and place. Her works are formed of thousand of ceramic shards constructed into large-scale/small-scale sculptures and installations.

Zemer Peled - Deadly Flowers 1, 2016
Deadly Flowers 1, 2016
Klari Reis
Biography :
Klari Reis uses the tools and techniques of science in her creative process, constantly experimenting with new ways to apply materials and methods. She is driven by curiosity and her desire to explore and document the natural and unnatural with a sense of wonder and joy. The artist currently works in San Francisco, close to one of the largest concentrations of life science companies in the world. Klari takes advantage of this proximity to collaborate with local biomedical companies and thus receive inspiration from the cutting edge of biological techniques and discoveries; this context grounds her artwork and lets her authoritatively explore the increasingly fuzzy line between the technological and the natural. The unifying theme of Klari’s art is her mastery of a new media plastic, epoxy polymer, and the fine control she brings to its reactions with a constantly-expanding variety of dyes and pigments. The UV-resistant plastic, similar to resin, supplies a common framework for the methods and language that she uses to explore and express interactions of material and color on a microscopic level. Compositions display brightly colored smears, bumps and blobs atop aluminum and wood panels. She pigments the plastic with powders, oils, acrylics and industrial dyes, built up through many layers of the ultra-glossy plastic. The shapes and colors bleed, blur, shift, and spread becoming remarkable through their eccentric detail. A skilled technician with a studio for a laboratory, Klari has turned these processes of her own invention into science in the service of her art.

Artist's Documents: Klari Reis You Are Here  
Dirk Staschke
Biography :
Dirk Staschke is best known for his exploration of Dutch Vanitas still life themes in the medium of ceramics. His current body of work explores the space in between sculpture and painting. His work often uses meticulous representation as foil for examining skill and craft. He received his BFA from the University of Montevallo followed by an MFA from Alfred University and has maintained an ongoing studio practice and extensive exhibition record for the last twenty years. During this time, he has taught at many notable universities, including Alfred University and New York University. His work has been shown internationally and resides in the permanent collections of several museums including the Smithsonian Museum in Washington (DC), Icheon Museum, World Ceramic Center (Gwango-dong) South Korea, Portland Art Museum (OR). He has received various artist’s grants including grants from The Virginia Groot Foundation and the Canada Council on the Arts. He Currently resides in Portland Oregon where he is a full time studio artist.

Jo Taylor
Biography :
Inspiration comes from decorative architectural features such as ornate plaster ceilings: Taylor enjoys the grand gesture present in large-scale relief, the drama of deep shadow, the dialogue between space, structure & ornament. The making process influences the outcome; connection with raw material is intrinsic to the shapes & marks made. Clay pieces are made & marked as the potter’s wheel rotates until a collection of loops & curls is amassed. More clay is manipulated by hand to create further pieces alluding to the organic; all are then joined and fired to create a unique work. Jo Taylor was shortlisted for the 2014, Young Masters Maylis Grand Ceramics Prize.

Isabelle van Zeijl
Biography :
Fascinated by the art of the past and different perspectives on beauty through the ages, Fine Art Photographer Isabelle van Zeijl explores the aesthetics and technics of the past to re-invent a contemporary art work in her practice. Boundaries fade as she blends techniques and idiom of the old masters with present-day aesthetics to create striking portraits. By evoking both alienation and recognition, while addressing our collective memory, her photographs seduce the audience. By framing her own appearance within the broader context of the classical canon Van Zeijl explores beauty. Digitally composing her photographs like a painter by using techniques of the past, her work never compromises on authenticity. Even though she is both creator, object and subject, her fine art photography reaches beyond the genre of self-portraiture, creating a universal woman and a vision of female aesthetics over time. With each portrait Isabelle gets closer to both her personal truth and an all-embracing meaning of beauty that transcends time and age. Isabelle van Zeijl was shortlisted for the 2017 Young Masters Emerging Woman Prize, for which she was Highly Commended.

Eleanor Watson
Biography :
Eleanor May Watson graduated in 2012 from Wimbledon College of Art with First Class Honours in Painting and has since completed the Drawing Year at the Royal Drawing School. Eleanor lives and works in London and has exhibiting in London, New York, Miami and Amsterdam. She was shortlisted for The Young Masters Art Prize in 2014. In 2016/2017 Eleanor May Watson was awarded the biennial Jonathan Vickers Fine Art Award, which is one of the most prestigious art competitions in the Country. This award, open to emerging painters gives recipients a bursary of £18,000, plus a studio at Banks Mill, a contribution to the cost of materials, a nine month period of support and mentoring, including a access to the University of Derby’s College of Arts and a final exhibition at Derby Museums. Watson's resultant body of work, inspired by the theme of the Award a ‘Sense of Place’, responds to the people, landscape and heritage of Derbyshire. Her exhibition, Dear Reader, took place at Derby Museums and Gallery, 15th September - 9th November 2017.

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

Chris Antemann
Biography : Chris Antemann is an American artist known for her contemporary parodies of 18th Century porcelain figurines. Before starting her collaboration with the MEISSEN Porcelain Manufactory in 2011, she lived and worked in the US in the mountains of Eastern Oregon on the grounds of the LH Project, an international residency program for the ceramic arts founded by her husband, Jacob Hasslacher. Antemann holds a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics and Painting from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and has exhibited extensively in the United States, Europe, Korea and China. Her work can be found in many private and public collections, including the Museum of Arts and Design, The 21 C. Hotel Museum, The KAMM Teapot Foundation, The Archie Bray Foundation, and the Foshan Ceramic Museum in China. Her artist residencies include The Archie Bray Foundation and The John Michael Kohler Arts Center. Antemann continues to work with MEISSEN on an ongoing collaboration, creating unique artworks as well as a collection of limited editions, under the brand of ANTEMANN DREAMS. The newest artworks of the ANTEMANN DREAMS Collection were exhibited for the very first time at the MEISSEN Vernissage 2014 in Dresden, Germany and Fall 2014 saw the launch of the third edition of The Young Masters Art Prize, a not-for-profit initiative of The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, where Chris Antemann, exhibiting as a guest artist, presenting her ANTEMANN DREAMS Collection courtesy of MEISSEN® in the UK for the first time.
Artist's Documents: An American in Meissen  
MEISSEN artcampus, Chris Antemann, Residency Announced  
Charles Moxon
Biography : Charles Moxon (b.1990) is a British artist specialising in portraiture. Having graduated from BA (Hons) Painting at Camberwell College of Art (2013) he has been short-listed and highly commended for the Young Masters Art Prize 2012 and the Open West exhibitions 2013. Charles Moxon’s portraits draw on past techniques, in particular those of the Dutch 17th-century Old Masters. He combines these traditional techniques with the added observational detail and hyper-reality of contemporary photorealism. His use of lighting and fluid paint strokes is reminiscent of Vermeer, with a similar layering of transparent glazes to create depth. In his commissioned portrait of Roy Bentley, an ex-England and Chelsea football player, Moxon captures the sitter with startling accuracy. His work, National Anthem (2011), exhibited at the Mall Galleries as part of the 2012 BBC series Show Me the Monet portrays an elderly woman in the latter stages of her life. In 2011, his work appeared in Dazed and Refused, Hurwundeki Gallery, London. Moxon was recently shortlisted to the Final 300 in the BP Award, 2012. His portraiture has been featured on the BBC, the Independent newspaper and in Rankin’s Hunger Magazine, 2013. Lives and works in London, UK.


Cynthia Corbett Gallery, an international contemporary art gallery represents an eclectic stable of artists both emerging & established artists as well as the Estate of David Hayes & Ultra Violet
Founded in 2004
Cynthia Corbett   Director
Celia Kinchington   Associate Director
Dewar Lindsay   Gallery Assistant
The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, an international contemporary art gallery established in 2004, represents emerging and newly established contemporary artists and is a regular exhibitor at major international contemporary art fairs. The Gallery has an annual exhibition programme in London and New York, as well as collaborations with galleries worldwide. The Gallery also works with a number of established American, British and European artists whose works have been published and acquired by international museums and institutions including; The Related Group (Jorge Perez), Miami, Florida; 21c Museum, Louisville, Kentucky; and The Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation, Portland, Oregon. In 2014, the Gallery celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary with a major group exhibition at the Cork Street Gallery in Mayfair, London, including works by Tom Leighton, Deborah Azzopardi, Colin Wiggins and Klari Reis. Most recently in 2015, the Gallery has begun working with the estates of American sculptor David Hayes and French conceptual artist Ultra Violet.

The Gallery launched The Young Masters Art Prize in 2009, a unique not-for profit competition, open to international and UK-based artists. The Prize celebrates artistic skill and innovation with awareness of the Old Masters and the art of the past. The third edition took place in 2014 to great critical and popular acclaim, receiving national and international press coverage and included the inaugural Young Masters Maylis Grand Ceramics Prize. German painter Juergen Wolf was awarded First Prize by a judging panel that included art historian Godfrey Barker, collector Werner Grub, Associate Director of Young Masters Daisy McMullan and Chief Executive of the Royal Academy of Arts Charles Saumarez Smith.
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