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  • ADELPHA - Juliette CLOVIS
  • EAT - Jean-Marc CALVET

Artemisia Gallery

Artemisia Gallery

New York, NY
United States
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E-mail address : c.jeanquier@visitartemisia.com
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Exhibitor's Artists:

Jean-Marc CALVET
Biography :
SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2015 Galerie MZ Urban Art, New York Usa 2015 Galerie Pléyades Granada, Nicaragua 2014 Galerie Jane Griffiths, Val d’Isère – France 2013 Galerie Pléyades, Granada – Nicaragua 2013 Galerie MZ Urban Art, New York, Usa 2013 Galerie Mark Hachem, Paris – France 2012 “Invasion invasion l’invasion” MDC’s historic Freedom Tower, Miami- Usa 2011 » INVASION » Monkdogz Gallery, New York, Usa 2011 » Jean marc Calvet » Gallery Ruine Geneve Suisse 2011 THE AMERICAS COLLECTION, Miami- Usa 2010 « NO RETURN » Gallery « Area 23 Miami, Usa 2009 Codice Gallery, Managua, Nicaragua. 2008 « Redemption » Monkdogz Gallery, New York, Usa 2008 « The Darker Side of Midnight » Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery- New York, Usa 2005 « Seven nights in a Week » Gallery 43, New York, Usa 2004 « Los locos tambien van al cielo » Gallery Paseo de Arte Granada-Nicaragua 2003 » Fusion » Gallery Casa, cultural- Guatemala. 2003 » Evolution » Gallery Añil, Managua- Nicaragua. GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2016 Galerie Frederick Holmes & Cie, Seattle, Usa 2016 Galerie Jane Griffiths, Val d’Isere, France 2015 Galerie Frederick Holmes & Cie, Seattle, Usa 2015 Galerie French Art Studio, London-UK 2015 Galerie Loic Vallée, Art3F Artfair Paris/Bordeaux, France 2015 Galerie MZ Urban Art, New York-Usa 2015 Galerie Jane Griffiths, Val d’Isere-France 2014 Galerie Jane Griffiths-Val d’Isere-France 2014 Galerie MZ Urban Art, New York, Usa 2014 Galerie Marie RICCO, Calvi Corse-France 2014 Galerie 112, Aix-en-Provence- France 2013 Galerie 112, Aix-en-Provence-France 2013 Galerie Marie RICCO, Calvi Corse-France 2013 Galerie Hierro, Nice – France 2011 » Seize » Monkdogz Urban Art galerie, New York, Usa 2011 Gallery »THE AMERICAS COLLECTION « Miami, Usa 2011 Gallery « Area 23 », Miami-Usa 2010 » VII Biennale Central America » , Fundation Ortiz GURDIAN, Managua -Nicaragua 2009 « VII Bienna

Detailed Description :
I paint by necessity… without thought, some form of liberated automatism. I allow my unconscious mind to guide my hand. I cultivate my obsessions by making use of my demons and my ghosts to pull a creative energy from them. An artist is above all an antennae – an emotional receptor opening a passage into different worlds. Each character in my paintings is filled with stories and creatures, giving life to a constant movement of death, love, sex… of life to put it simply. We are all made up of details. Our life is constructed by them and in their absence we would not exist. We would become transparent. On the surface, we are only words, expressions – inside we are colors.
Jean-Marc CALVET - EAT

Detailed Description :
Lyle Carbajal is a multimedia artist focusing on the social commentary of cultural and economic perception and their implications in contemporary art. Romancing Banality is his current traveling installation exploring these ideas, in which viewers are fully immersed into the environment of his subjects for a truly distinctive, engaging, multi-sensory experience that challenges perspective and social beliefs. By inhabiting the city of upcoming exhibitions in advance, Carbajal creates a unique audience experience- a manifestation of experiences, people, attitudes, and perception- which is in a constant state of transformation as it evolves with each location simultaneously serving as both subject and muse. “It’s a city’s Zeitgeist that interests me,” says Carbajal. “The sights, the sounds, the way its people either cherish or disregard artistic forms, the city’s visual connection to the past and whether or not it recognizes its indigenous culture.”
Juliette CLOVIS
Biography :
EDUCATION 2005 Degree in Graphic Design - Ecole des Gobelins - Paris - France 2000 Second-year level in History of Art - Ecole du Louvre - Paris - France 1998 Second-year university diploma in Law - Tours - France 1995 Bachelor with plastic art option FOCUS Since 2015 Porcelain residency at La Manufacture de La Seynie - France 2014 Selected in the Emerging artists at Art'Up Lille "Revelation by Art'Up" 2007 Residency of 3 weeks at L'Espace 29 in Bordeaux - France 2006 Salon d'Art Contemporain de Montrouge - France SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2015 Rise Gallery - London - United Kingdom 2014 Mondapart gallery - Boulogne Billancourt - France 2014 Damina gallery - Asia Contemporary Art Fair - Hong Kong 2013 Damina gallery - Hong Kong 2013 Valérie Lefèbvre Gallery - Lille - France 2012 Mondapart Gallery - Boulogne Billancourt - France 2012 Valérie Lefèbvre Gallery - Lille - France 2011 Mondapart Gallery- Boulogne Billancourt - France 2010 Seven Seventy Gallery - Paris - France 2008 Gallery View - Séoul - Korea 2008 Art Jingle Gallery - Paris - France 2007 Stephanie Hoppen Gallery - London - United Kingdom SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS AND FAIRS 2016 Collective show - Art Angels gallery - Los Angeles - United States 2015 Le portrait conjugué - Collective show - Mondapart Gallery - France 2015 Art Expo Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia 2015 ArtHamptons Fair - Artemisia gallery - Bridgehamton - United States 2015 ST'ART - Strasbourg - France 2015 Art up Lille - France 2015 Collective show - Artemisia gallery - New York- United States 2014 Trio show Nielly/Alben/Clovis - Alain Daudet Gallery - Toulouse - France 2014 Opening show - Rise Gallery - London - United Kingdom 2014 Art up Lille - France 2014 Singapore Art Fair - Singapore 2014 ST'ART - Strasbourg - France 2013 « Lyrics! » - Helène Bailly Gallery - Paris - France 2013 Lille Art Fair - France 2013 Art O'clo

Detailed Description :
Juliette Clovis is a multidisciplinary French contemporary artist. Her plastic work is organized around 3 big topics that are the links between Human and Nature, the opposition between life and death and the dialogue between tradition and modernity. For years, Juliette Clovis has worked on female identity and the representation of women in contemporary society and its history. In her most recent works, her women are completely transformed into hybrid beings; mixes of history, myths and chimerical dreams. The female bodies are invaded by a profusion of wildlife and floral elements, evoking a nature that is both soft and worrying. Like a Hitchcock-inspired scene, we can almost hear the noise of the jungle: the flapping of a bird’s wings, the slither of a creeping snake or the croak of a frog. Fascinated by the wild beauty of Nature discovered during her different trips, the artist draws inspiration from it to create her human jungles and to explore the wild aspect of the human body. She questions the balance of power between Human and Nature. Conjugating ambiguity and employing metaphors, Juliette’s work wobbles between a prophetic picture announcing the birth of a new living being, human body with a half-animal half-vegetable face; and the onset of death caused by a hungry nature wanting to take back its rights. Art is matter and matter makes Art in Juliette Clovis’ work. For more than 10 years, Juliette explored her subjects across a very specific technique: armed with cutters, she cuts up butterflies, birds and other vegetables in vinyl leaves glued together on black plexiglas. Despite abundant references to Art History, the choice of these materials and techniques avoid habitual codes. Since 2015, the Nature thematic has withdrawn from Juliette’s two dimensional artworks to invade her new sculpture creations made in Limoges porcelain. As a logical continuation in the creation of the artist, her subjects now take form under her fingers and fill wit

Detailed Description :
Derely's sculptures have a certain joyous lightheartedness. The elongated bodies and distinct curves are inspired by the breath of life. Their interior substance is that which represents the magical moments of life: the meeting, the kiss, the couple, the birth and friendship. These sculptures are both characterized by their unique simplicity in their soft shapes, but also by a distinct force that evokes emotions in the viewer. Sylvie Derely's art is magical, enchanting and alive! It is the work of a creator that awakens a burst of light in each of us.
Biography :
COLLECTIONS Museum of Borneim, Belgium Vasarely Museum Foundation Gordes Collection of House Graham Lambert, England MEMBERSHIPS AND IMPLICATIONS Selection of the video: "Conscience mother effect" in the best film category artist Since 2007 Artists Gathering Degradarte, Italy Since 2003 Federation of Italian artists, active professional member of Arco 2007 Korea Contemporary Art Association, active member PRICE 2006/ Price Contemporary Art space for Dialogos "The greatest inovation Selected of exhibitions: 2015: "Feminity" ARTEMISIA GALLERY, New York 2014: Du 24 au 30 Novembre "festival "Courts devant" Paris 2014: Du 27 au 30 Novembre Mac Paris 2014: Select Art Fair Chelsea 27 8/11 mai 2014 2014: ARTEMISIA GALLERY , New York 2013: ARTEMISIA GALLERY, New York (Octobre) 2013: Biennale d'Issy, Paris (Octobre-novembre 2013) 2013: Galerie Lulu Mirette 2011: Exhibition collective, Arcos Italy 2009: AAF London 2008: Projection video space dialogos Paris 2008: Espace Dialogos, Cachan ARTEMISIA GALLERY, New York AAF, London 2007: Seoul Art Center Manif Korea. ARTEMISIA GALLERY, London London AAF, Art Metz. 2007: Participation in the movement Degradarte, Rome Italy 2006: AAF, London. ARTEMISIA GALLERY, London. 2006: Smart Martigues, French, 2005: The Galleria transito, Italy. 2004: Smar't Martigues. Museum of Contemporary Art Toulouse (Art on the spot). Gallery A, Carcassonne. Space Capitole, Toulouse. 2004: Museum Art Contemporary Toulouse 2002: Center \ Contemporary Art, the Grande Arche de la Defense, Paris 2002: Communication and Art Gallery, Paris. 2001: Gallery BCT, Spain. 2000: Contemporary Art Space, Borneim Belgium. 2000: Communication and Art Gallery, Paris. 1999: Centre for Contemporary Art Antwerp 1999: Communication and Art Gallery, Paris. Centre for Contemporary Art Antwerp 1987: Hangar 5, Bordeaux 1986: AGF,

Detailed Description :
The unlikely staging is underpinned by a touch of surrealism. The glance of the characters, as if suspended, observes around as much as it reverses to question their own interiority. They camp in a setting where landscapes, fauna and objects, gathered in a manner apparently absurd or extravagant and pose a few recurring philosophical themes, where the woman shows herself in all her representations: woman, mother, girl, and idol... In this series of unusual portraits, large formats worked exclusively with oil and impregnated with the great masters of painting, appears, here, a happy little girl who sees her destiny preprogrammed falter while unexpectedly reading a book of Anais Nin "the broom of the woman in pink". There, a contemporary avatar of the "Goddess Mother Hen" is nonchalantly playing fertility "Ah if you knew my hen". Elsewhere, a lonely elderly woman facing the absence, the missing part, "l'Impasse... l'autre reste" or on a urban backdrop threatened by floods, the self-portrait of the artist naked as Eve, facing a young veiled woman and probing the free will of Women, its link with the body friend or foe, its destiny through different cultures "Le premier de nous deux qui rira ....".

Detailed Description :
Behind the bright colors and clean lines of these neon and Plexiglass light sculptures, Nicolas Saint Gregoire’s art is more subversive than it seems at first. Since 2007 and his first solo exhibition entitled Show Me the Light, Saint Gregoire has strived to break the invisible boundaries that isolate visual art from other forms of creation. Meanwhile Saint Gregoire is interested in another limit, that between the visual arts and fashion. It is only natural that he turns his attention to the personality and creations of Yves Saint Laurent. He shares with the life and work of the designer a similar interest in bringing together various forms of artistic expression. The fashion designer's phrase "I tried to show that fashion is art" captures the same spirit.


Founded in 2010
Artemisia Gallery promotes a pool of French and international artists, with the goal to present contemporary art to experienced and new collectors.
We organize solo, duo and group exhibitions throughout the year as well as live events featuring the artists.
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