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  • Taichi Series  - Ming Ju
  • Le Meditation  - Xingjian Gao


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Exhibitor's Artists:

Chu Chu

Xingjian Gao
Biography :
Better known as a literary genius for his Nobel Prize winning novels, Gao Xingjian is the epitome of a well-rounded scholar. Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2000, Gao is a novelist, translator, dramatist, director, critic and artist; sustaining a successful career in both academic and artistic disciplines. Equal to his literary oeuvre, his paintings are works of art that bear an original and unique artistic vision. ‘Painting begins where language fails’, one of Gao’s famous quotes which is frequently quoted by art critics; this quote succinctly characterizes his art and his philosophy in life. Over the years, he studied the developments occurring in Western art, film and photography and his insatiable intellectual curiosity led him to interrogate the aesthetic effect of using different techniques. His reflection on these visual genres continues to inform and inspire new directions in his Chinese ink paintings. Gao has held more than thirty exhibitions all around the world, he now lives in France.

Artist's Documents: La Meditation  
Le conte de fee  
Interieur et exterieur  
Homme et nature  
Xingjian Gao - Le Meditation
Le Meditation
Jiao jian

Ju Ming
Biography :
Ju Ming is a pioneer modern sculptor whose works provide inspirational and exquisite forms, reminiscent of strokes used in Asian painting and calligraphy. The maturity of his sculptural language and aesthetic style incorporates the philosophy of free expression of forms and feelings and embrace values of simplicity and environmentalism. Ju Ming's works in this exhibition depict the new Asian phenomenon in his own visual language, as a way of reconciling the traditional woodcarver's technique with subject of modernity and abstraction. His works are world-known and collected, and more recently he exhibited Taichi Series; a series of monumental works displayed at the Singapore Botanic Gardens (17 Jan - 31 May 2015).

Artist's Documents: Taichi Series Pair  
Taichi Series  
Taichi Series  
Taichi Series  
Ming Ju - Taichi Series
Taichi Series
Wen Lee

Oh Chai Hoo
Biography :
Oh Chai Hoo is a local artist who works extensively with various medium. He started his artistic creations at the age of 14, and holding his first group exhibition at 15 with respected artists like Chen Wen Hsi and others. His mastery of the brush is as admired as his fearless experimentation with the medium. However, despite all experimentations, he remains committed to the use of ink. He believes in the honesty and truthfulness of working with the medium. Unlike other types of paint, ink is temporary, instant, honest and sincere. The moment the brush is laid on the paper surface, the strokes are irreversible, and every trace of movement is captured by the ink, leaving no chance for correction. The honesty and sincerity of the medium captures everything about the artist – the mood and personality, as well as the familiarity and mastery of the artist in his use of the medium. His recent works feature his unique method of using self-ground pigments on rice paper to create images inspired by Zen Buddhism and nature. His works are a reflection of both the physical and the spiritual. The series of rocks created for his solo exhibition, 《物换星移》Lifetime of Change entails the artist’s fondness for nature, in particular the natural formation of rock structures. As he is inspired by the natural accumulation of sediments in the formation of rocks over time, his rocks highlight the beauty of the imperfections of rock forms. In the artist’s own words, he asserts that “我的石头都会说话的。(All my rocks speak for themselves.)” Each of his works tells its own story. Oh graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore in 1982 and is a full time artist who is actively involved in the local arts scene. He is also a member of various arts groups including the Singapore Sculpture Society and Nanyang Clay Group, and has had various solo and group exhibitions. He has exhibited in Singapore, Taiwan, China, U.K., Korea and Japan, and has won prestigious

Tang Da Wu 唐大霧
Biography :
Tang Da Wu 唐大霧 was born in 1943 in Singapore, the eldest of four sons in the family. He received a BA in sculpture from the School of Fine Art, Birmingham Polytechnic (now Birmingham Institute of Art and Design) in 1974 and pursued advanced studies in sculpture at Saint Martins School of Art (now Central Saint Martins) from 1974–75. In 1985, he received an MFA from Goldsmith’s College, University of London. After returning to Singapore in 1979, Tang began to work in performance art, and in 1988, cofounded the Artists Village, a collective committed to promoting experimental art through the provision of studio and exhibition space. Working through a de facto ban on performance that began in 1994 as a response to artist Josef Ng trimming his pubic hair at a public festival, the organization supports community interaction through social relevance and the hosting of public site-specific interventions. Through performance, installation, painting, and drawing, Tang explores social and environmental themes including deforestation, animal endangerment, and urban transformation. Tang was the founder of Singapore’s seminal The Artists Village and a is a prominent Southeast Asian performance artist; he is amongst the most distinguished figures of contemporary art in Singapore. Contemplating his own identity as a Chinese Singaporean, Tang uses a broad array of media with local references and iconography to engage in his performance art. Tang’s works have been performed and shown in countries such as England, Japan, Germany, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia, making him acknowledged as the most representative contemporary artist in Southeast Asia today. Tang is recognised for his works in sculpture, installation and performance art, his paintings narrate countenances for a spatial sense of ambiguity; demonstrating that Chinese ink painting is more than an archaic medium confined to still-life and landscape. Present in Tang’s ink paintings is a persis

Yim On Tse

Dongling Wang

Shengtao Zhuang

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

Milenko Prvacki
Biography : Milenko Prvacki is one of the most reputable artists in Singapore, receiving a Cultural Medallion in 2012 by the National Arts Council and the Silver Medallion for Knights in the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Embassy. Presenting his new series of works entitled Unsent Letters, Prvacki focuses on ideas behind dislocation and displacement of information, feelings and memory in the age of digital exchange and communication. Each work is involved in a personal narrative and distinctive visual language which is a result of over forty years of practice. The works have a striking balance between repeated motifs, personal symbols and quirky shapes. His process is improvised but never formulaic, and his compositions allow viewers to slowly cling onto one perspective before moving into the next one. The paintings further question the representative nature of painting by examining the relationship between abstraction and figuration. Often they are accompanied by texts and titles, more so than simply suggesting a subject, they offer critical cognition on the images formation process and metaphorical nature of things.
Bak Chiang Tay
Biography : Tay Bak Chiang is the first artist in Singapore to experiment with contemporised styles of the centuries-old Chinese ink art through manipulation of pigments, ink and acrylic on canvases instead of the traditional medium of rice paper and silk. The subject matter of his paintings of rocks and stones respects Chinese paintings' emphasis of nature; but more significantly, his rocks incorporate the ink spirit in Chinese paintings that emphasizes the inner spirit of their subject instead of merely describing their outward appearance.
Kheng-Li Wee
Biography : Wee Kheng-Li (b.1971, Singapore) works in photography but was trained as a painter with a degree in Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania and Master of Fine Art from San Francisco Art Institute, California. Fascinated by memory and dwelling as manifested in architecture and urban spaces, Wee navigates through ancient, narrow, old streets and neighborhoods. By using photography as a process of seeing and recording, Wee seeks to pose philosophical and existential questions regarding the possibilities of seeing beyond the limits of concept and language. His work allows the viewer to glance into the intimate stories and traces of nuances in everyday situations. Wee’s latest works are the LED light-box series which aims to capture the urban neighborhood of Yanaka in Tokyo, Japan. His other two LED light-box series encompass urban neighborhoods of Laweyan in Solo, Indonesia and Cheung Chau in Hong Kong, S.A.R. Wee taught visual arts at Tunghai University in Taichung, Taiwan and is currently travelling in Japan.


Founded in 1999
June Ong   Gallery Manager
Helina Chan   Managing Director
Established in 1999, iPRECIATION is a fine art company that showcases the best of modern and contemporary Asian Art. As a herald of the arts, iPRECIATION is committed to put forth platforms and propel significant and promising artists to the forefront through successful staging of large-scale exhibitions and publication of outstanding art monographs.

Proficient in contemporary Chinese, South East Asian and Singapore art, iPRECIATION provides professional consultations and services to individual and corporate entities. iPRECIATION has also engaged in various public art projects worldwide.

Artists currently represented include many prominent figures: Nobel Laureate Gao Xingjian, Taiwanese Master Sculptor Ju Ming, pioneer of Singapore contemporary art Tang Da Wu, foremost abstract painter and Cultural Medallion Milenko Prvacki, and groundbreaking Singaporean performance artist Lee Wen. Over the years, iPRECIATION has been promoting promising emerging talents such as the meticulous China based painter Zhang Jian Jun and Jin Jie, the daring commentator of Hong Kong’s contemporary culture, Tse Yim On, and the Singapore artists Boo Sze Yang and Tay Bak Chiang.

Ms Helina Chan, the Managing Director of iPRECIATION, is the recipient of the coveted New Tourism Entrepreneur 2005 by Singapore Tourism Board, which recognizes the entrepreneur whose company has made major contributions to Singapore’s tourism industry. iPRECIATION aims to build an artistic foundation through its presentation of a diversity of small to large-scale exhibitions that meets the visual inclinations of its patrons; forming and nurturing a creative focal point in Asia, where individuals can convene and express their artistic sensibilities through art.
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