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Barbara Strozzilaan 201
1083HN Amsterdam
T  +31 20 240 2551
E-mail address : alex@publichouseofart.com
Website : http://www.publichouseofart.com

Exhibitor's Artists:

Paolo Angelucci
Biography :
Paolo Angelucci (1978) is an emerging Italian artist from the seaside city of Pescara working in the art of polaroids, but with an unexpected twist. Nicknamed the ‘Instant fine-art Photographer’, Angelucci’s work is anything but instant as he patiently manipulates and lifts polaroid colour emulsions from their base to create works that seem so delicate and fragile they may fall apart with a strong blow of air. But nevertheless his artwork, framed and secure, can stand the test of time better than any Instagram photo in the digital realm. For The Public House of Art Angelucci has focused on myths surrounding hoofed animals, specifically the deer and the donkey, each with it's own twist on what is considered devilish behaviour. Angelucci’s works have been exhibited internationally between many cities in Italy, New York, Los Angeles, and now Amsterdam.

Jenny Boot

Mariska Karto
Biography :
Mariska Karto is a fine art photographer born in Suriname and raised in the Netherlands. The breadth of her oeuvre is a masterful homage to Classicism in art history. Her multidisciplinary skill as a figurative sketcher draws a connection to the meditative practises of Renaissance draughtsmen like Leonardo, and her knowledge of fabrics as a textile artist is comparable to the dexterity of Ingres and Titian. However it is Karto’s mastery of contemporary photography that leads viewers to witness realistic images compelled by classical tradition. For The Public House of Art, Karto has created a tensely, seductive and dramatic two-part series. Her sensual portraits depict the beauty of the female form; soft, glowing skin that venerates these women as cult icons. She conjures up an environment of lushly draped fabrics, fashioning an aura that is supple, but charged by a feminine mystique and strength. Mariska Karto’s Frescoes, such as ‘Cult of Consumption’, pinnacle her exhausting craft with each element individually photographed by the artist. It’s an eruption of artistic expression, echoed by a visual intensity that is fraught with chaos, melancholy, death, love, and sacrifice, taking over a year to develop. Karto utilises her art to illustrate the harsh realities that effect contemporary society. By placing the viewer outside the framework of her frescoes, a humanistic perspective is illuminated, and Karto incites a contemporary didacticism that’s impossible to ignore. Karto has impressed collectors and establishments around the world, and garnered a faithful following. Her wild success is consistently documented by prize competitions across the globe; most recently she was awarded First Prize Gold Award at the Prix De La Photographie De Paris in 2016.

Andrey Kezzyn
Biography :
Andrey Kezzyn is a completely self-taught, fine art photographer based in Berlin, Germany. With more than ten years of experience under his studded belt, this photography-badass has tactfully employed elements of theatricality throughout his oeuvre. Having devoted the last four years of his career to stage photography, Kezzyn’s discipline has enabled him to master the genre. His compositions are intricately bound to narrative, illustrating his incomparable dominance over the medium. In St. Petersbug, Kezzyn runs the International Photo Club SUSHKA, an institution that organises and hosts events in more than 100 cities all over the world. In 2015 Kezzyn became a member of the Federation of European Photographers (FEP). Kezzyn has had personal exhibitions in St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Samara and Prague. His pictures are now in private and public institution collections throughout Russia, France, Chile, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and the United States.

Valay Shende

Barbara van den Berg

Irene Wijnmaalen
Biography :
Irene Wijnmaalen is a fine art photographer regarded for the contemporary subtlety she stoically imbues to each artwork. For her collaboration with The Public House of Art, Wijnmaalen has created a complementary selection of richly historicised photographs. Fascinated by the Golden Age era of portraiture, she has used this aesthetic to express the dichotomy of purity and corruption behind female portraiture. Though the works’ chromatic filters rest on opposite ends of the spectrum, each young woman engages with the same narrative, and it’s no Jekyll and Hyde tale. Her coloured photographs depict young women in real life with sophisticated, contemporary details; however, it is through keen observation that sometimes the wolf is dressed in sheep’s clothing. She far from demonises her sitters, but rather situates them as still travelers amidst a “break”. Whether they’re running away from something or chasing something, everyone has a struggle in life. Her black and white portraits are afflicted with hypnotic emotion, suggesting that grey areas bleed over into plainly deciding what is right and what is wrong. Transfixed in longing, viewers are intimately perplexed by their choices, lies, regrets, something deeper?


We believe art is for all. To adorn the walls of castles and bedsits. To disrupt not bankrupt. This is not a gallery. Welcome to THE PUBLIC HOUSE OF ART.
Founded in 2014
Sid Sand   Director
Alex Tanase  
We believe art is for all. To adorn the walls of castles and bedsits. To disrupt not bankrupt. To move, to shock, to offend or go fabulously with your sofa.

We sell great art in limited editions, verified by us and signed by the artist.

We have four price categories, something affordable for everyone.

We sell art in six sizes. From fit in your hand to fill up your wall. Finds something to love, to covet, to own, to collect, to carry home and put in the living room.

This isn’t a gallery. Welcome to THE PUBLIC HOUSE OF ART.
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