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Gallery Tableau

B106ho 101dong 461 Samil-daero Jongno-gu
T  +82-723-6081
F  +82-10-4295-4188
E-mail address : limjeonggi@naver.com
Website : http://www.gallerytableau.com

Exhibitor's Artists:

Jiyeon Kim

Daniel Kim

Jiyeon Kim

Sang Min LEE

Lucio LIM


Min Choi   Head of Curator
Jeong Gi Lim   Director
SeJin Chung   Curator
Recognizing the importance of promoting Korean artists abroad, Gallery TABLEAU will be participated in art fairs such as Art Chicago, Art Toronto, Art Hamptons, SCOPE Basel, SCOPE Miami Beach, SF Fine Artfair, Cologne Artfair, Houston Fine Art Fair , Hong Kong Artfair, LA Art Show, Shanghai Art fair with Korean artist once in two years. The Gallery first presented the most significant artworks by Korean artists alongside more recognizable works of high caliber by audience and art dealers in the world.
Gallery Tableau has an unmatched reputation in Korea for having discover many of the most internationally-acclaimed talented Korean artists, and for supporting the most promising Korean artists. The Gallery continues to play a key role in developing the domestic art market and promoting Korean artists, as well as drawing the national audience’s attention to the currently international art world.
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