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  • Malabar (2016) - Tim Garwood
  • Saugatuck (2016) - Bradley Wood

Sim Smith

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Exhibitor's Artists:

Tim Garwood
Biography :
British (b.1984) Lives and works in London, UK

Tim Garwood - Malabar (2016)
Malabar (2016)
Jonathan McCree
Biography :
British (b.1963) Lives and works in London, UK Attracted to extremes of scale, Jonathan McCree’s work swings from the mammoth to the minute. Painting in a mix of materials, McCree uses an array of borrowed visual references alongside an extraordinary vocabulary that wildly interweaves through abstraction and expressionism. We see his working out and understanding of what he sees, his response to and relationship with the everyday, the strange and the unfamiliar. McCree often draws outside or within sacred spaces with strong architectural features and distinguishable structural designs that form the corner stones of many of his motifs and marks. Large collaged works are constructed by using smaller drawings like stones, assembling them one on top of the other. Once these foundations for his larger works have been laid they are adorned further with a complex array of patterns and arrangements. Parts of the small drawings always remain, however, much like the patina of the interiors of old buildings. Attracted to the emotional charge of sacred spaces, McCree entwines strands of history, ritual and mantra, enticing the viewer into a physical and intuitive encounter with the work. He plays with repetition, mutating gestures and expressions, setting up visual propositions for himself and the viewer. Negotiating uncertainty sits at the centre of McCree’s practice and neither viewer, nor artist knows what the outcome will be or where they will end up.

Bradley Wood
Biography :
Canadian (b.1970) Lives and works in NYC, USA Working from the position of the outsider, Wood plays out fictitious fantasies on canvas in a voyeuristic view of lives lived inside the walls of his neighbours’ homes. Informed by the intimate interior scenes of the Nabis, his loosely handled paintings bring mannerisms and gestures to life in a visceral portrayal of his protagonists. Opulent and almost filmic in quality, domestic fictions and settings surrender to the weight of varied brushstrokes, intense colours and heavy embellishment. Within the painterly narrative of each story there are obvious and defining symbols, visual clues that encourage an immediate response and understanding in the viewer. However, a freedom of form, pace and of what lies beneath and outside of the frame charges the paintings with a distinct sense of the unknown.

Bradley Wood - Saugatuck (2016)
Saugatuck (2016)


Sim Smith  
Curatorial projects and off-site collaborations run parallel to gallery exhibitions. Through projects the gallery facilitates the development of ideas that artists have been unable to realize and initiates proposals that foster artistic development.
We work closely with collaborators to inspire multidisciplinary projects aiming to engage new audiences for the work and changing the viewer experience through exhibition design, curation and by taking art outside of the traditional gallery setting.
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