Exhibitor listing
  • N/A -
  • Masquerade Cash - _ Ceravolo
  • 5 Violet Boxes
  • M & M & Ben - _ Ceravolo
  • Vulcan Donuts -
  • N/A -
  • 4 Blue boxes -
  • "James and G"  oil and acrylic on canvas  68x58 - _ Ceravolo
  • "Vincent Van Donuts"   Photo arrangement  53 x 42" - Candice CMC
  • Marilyn Donuts - Candice CMC

ARDT Gallery

123 North Sea Rd #1290
Southampton, NY 11969
United States
T  +1 631 726 2523
F  +1 631 726 2523
E-mail address : info@ARDTgallery.com
Website : http://www.ARDTgallery.com

Exhibitor's Artists:

Biography :
Ceravolo's Large scale paintings have received international acclaim for more three decades. His art, came to popular attention when he was commissioned to create six large scale portraits for the lobby of The Palladium Theatre in New York City. In addition to these, his paintings are in many influential corporate and private collections, including: ELTON JOHN, ROD STEWART, HUGH M. HEFNER, DAVID BRENNER, MONIQUE VAN VOOREN, WARNER BROS., RCA RECORDS AND SCHENLEY INDUSTRIES to name a few.

_ Ceravolo - "James and G"  oil and acrylic on canvas  68x58
"James and G" oil and acrylic on canvas 68x58
_ Ceravolo - M & M & Ben
M & M & Ben
_ Ceravolo - Masquerade Cash
Masquerade Cash
Candice CMC
Biography :
The Photographic arrangements of Candice CMC receive an immediate response on the part of the viewer. Candice has worked in graphic design and package design, and with these new photographic arrangements she has put her artistic and design talents to work creating these unique and creative portraits which we are pleased to premier at Art Southampton.

Candice CMC - Marilyn Donuts
Marilyn Donuts
Candice CMC - "Vincent Van Donuts"   Photo arrangement  53 x 42"
"Vincent Van Donuts" Photo arrangement 53 x 42"

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

Giancarlo Impiglia
Biography : Born in Rome, Italy in 1940, Giancarlo studied at the Liceo Artistico and the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma and completed his studies at the Italian Center of Cinematography. His signature style is identifiable around the world, and his work poses as a powerful commentary on social, political, and economic contemporary culture. He stands on the shoulders of the Italian Futurists, recalls the flourishes of Art Nouveau, celebrates the curving geometry of Art Deco and integrates the concept of Cubism. In addition to being featured in various prominent museums, publications, and private collections, Impiglia's work has been exhibited in countless galleries around the world, and his large murals can be seen in the lobby of 99 John Street in Lower Manhattan as well as gracing the walls of all of Cunard's cruise liners, where they echo the Roaring '20s and '30s and the golden age of travel. In his new paintings, he has departed from his former style with a series of canvases that comment on the horrors of war.
Vincenzo verucci


Jim Ceravolo   Director
ARDT gallery was established in 1983 at 50 W 57 Street in New York City. For the past decade, we have been at our current location in the beautiful resort town of Southampton, New York, representing both established and emerging artists whose work is at the forefront of the contemporary art market.

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