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  • 151 Proof - Pasha Setrova
  • Glitcher 0-81012-0 -
  • Déesse Gorgone III -
  • O-IV -
  • Byzance 1 - Sylvie Adams
  • Buck Rogers on blue -
  • Le monstre -
  • 32°49'9" N 79°43'21" W -
  • 1905 -
  • Aquacarmin
  • Do you think you really know her
  • The Saberwings -


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J2L 1C2 Bromont
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Exhibitor's Artists:

Cantstopgoodboy .

Sylvie Adams

Exhibition :


Scattered Trajectories, Musée Beaulne, Coaticook, Canada

Errances, Artêria Gallery, Bromont, Canada

Scattered Trajectories, La Seigneurie Gallery - Vanier Cultural Center, City of Châteauguay, Canada
Solo Exhibit, Luz Gallery, Belgo Building, Montréal, Canada

Stonegate Pivate Counsel, ArtAnywhere, Toronto, Canada

Mouvance, Bowater Library, City of Gatineau, Canada

Mouvance, E.K. Voland Art Center, Canal Lachine Complex, Montréal, Canada


Art Southampton, USA
Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, London, UK
Art New-York 2016, USA
Art Sale, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, Canada
Affordable Art Fair New York City Spring Edition, USA
Art Wynwood International Contemporary Art Fair, Miami, USA
Quoi de Neuf?, L’Arthothèque, Montréal, Canada
Galerie Bloom, Montréal, Canada
Galerie Artêria, Bromont, Canada
Galerie Michel Bigué, St-Sauveur, Canada
Galerie Roussil, Montréal, Canada

The Salon of Inclusiveness II, Black Cat – Artspace Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada
«Viv(r)e la Nuit !», L’Arthothèque, Montréal, Canada
The New Collection 2016, Stewart Hall Art Gallery, Pointe-Claire, Canada
Salon d'automne 2015, Museum of Fine Arts of Mont-St-Hilaire, Canada
La diversité dans la Diversité, L’Arthothèque (in partnership with DAM), Montréal, Canada
Affordable Art Fair Seoul, Seoul, South Korea
Salon d'automne 2015, Museum of Fine Arts of Mont-St-Hilaire, Canada
Corps à corps, Visa-Art, Magog's City Visual Art Center, Magog, Canada
Fringe Gallery, Montreal Fringe Festival, MAI (Montréal, Arts interculturels), Montréal, Canada
Salonesque, MAI (Montreal, Arts interculturels), Montréal, Canada
Art Mélange, Glass Door Gallery, Montréal, Canada
Art Contest 2015, Pierrefonds Cultural Centre – City of Montréal, Montréal, Canada
Be Here Now, The Black Cat Artspace, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Canada
YES Arts Expo, St

Sylvie Adams - Byzance 1
Byzance 1
Isabelle Beaubien
Biography :
Born in 1980, Isabelle Beaubien is a native of Montreal, Canada where she studied Fine Arts at Concordia University. It was then that Isabelle felt the need to explore and find her true calling. Upon graduation, she spread her wings to fly and went on to earn her Master’s degree in Contemporary Art from The Villa Arson, Nice, France. From there, Isabelle moved to London, where she has exhibited her energetic abstract paintings and was highly sought after with commissions throughout the UK. Isabelle has now literally, crossed the pond and resides and works in Florida. "Living in sunny Florida has provided me a new canvas of life and a stunning landscape full of light, vibrant colors and incredible energy to take my creative process to a whole new and exciting dimension," boasts Beaubien. "I do not use brushes, instead I create each of my own tools, taking chances in one stroke, not knowing what the end-result will be. This technique allows me to release the control of my craft while reminding me of the unknown discoveries that awaits each of us in our daily journey. If I desire to add one or more movements on the canvas, I subtract, rather than adding more paint. Letting go of the power of the piece allows my inner voice to influence each stroke and not hold back on my creativity" shares Isabelle. Beaubien’s artwork is considered mixed media, with an expansive spectrum of colors that are vibrant, invigorating and inspiring. The gamut of emotions that emote from her paintings are varied. Isabelle’s “ simultaneous contrast” in the juxtaposed colors continue to be revelatory. She works with acrylic enhanced by a resin overlay. Color is a major influence on the act of creating and on the experience of seeing and, thereby feeling. In some ways, it is related to chakras and how the colors radiate throughout ones being to bring about a sense of well being. Her work creates a gloss with a sculptured appearance to the finished artwork. It is at that moment that h Exhibition :
Solo Exhibitions:
2017- Solo Exhibition, No Brushes No Borders, Macaya Gallery, Miami, USA 2017- Solo Exhibition, Colorfield 2, Peninsula I - II, Miami, USA
2017- Solo Exhibition, Colorfield, The Blosser Gallery, Pine Crest School, Fort Lauderdale, USA
2016- Solo Exhibition, Squaring the circle, Tudor House Gallery, Sawbridgeworth, UK 2016- Solo Exhibition, Opposites Attracts, Parndon Mill, Harlow, UK
2016- Solo Exhibition, Spectrum, Gabriel Fine Art, Waterloo, London, UK
2015- Solo Exhibition, One Shot, East Gate Gallery, Harlow, UK
2015- Solo Installation, Harvey Center, UK
2011- Solo Exhibition, For a Friend, Besso International, London, UK 2010- Solo Exhibition, Back to paint, Apt 195, London, UK
2006- Solo Exhibition, One Movement, Liqwid Night Club, Nice, France 2005- Solo Exhibition, Blue Remake, Blue Not, Nice, France

Nathalie Boissonnault

Hugo Cantin

Jean-Paul Cattin

Maryline Lemaitre

Jessica Potenza

Martine Savard

Pasha Setrova

Exhibition :


Art New York, USA
Affordable Art Fair NYC, Spring Edition, USA
Art Wynwood, Miami, USA

Art Southampton, USA
"Dirty: The Lovers' Hangover" exhibition, Play, Museum of Sex, NY, USA

"Art from the Boros II" exhibition, Denise Bibro Fine Art, NY, USA
"Kisses" performance and "Saintly Sinners” showing, Erarta Gallery, NY, USA
"I Wanna Cry" performance, Erarta Gallery, Russian Pavilion, NY, USA

Art Hamptons Fair, Bridgehampton, NY, USA

August, Semita Foundation charity, Marketing & PR Committee Member
Personal exhibition "The Most Devastating Hurricanes", Positano, Japan
“Colored Children" collection, World Ningyo Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
Personal exhibition "The Most Devastating Hurricanes", New York Expo, USA

Performance "Royal Blood" and personal exhibition, Ekaterinburg, Russia

"Vinzavod" Contemporary Art Center, Moscow, Russia
Personal exhibition "Beaten Glamour", Moscow, Russia
Personal exhibition "Chic & Shock" Gallery #1, Moscow, Russia
Formed an art group of liberal artists called PsychoFree Lab, uniting creative artists for collaborative projects
Exhibition "Fragility", Strychnin Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Personal exhibition "The Harvest", Vilnus, Klaipeda, Lithuania
Beginning of collaboration with the contemporary art gallery "Ru Arts", Moscow, Russia

Personal exhibition "The Harvest", Riga, Latvia
Sculpture "Vackula Dream" placed in the History Museum fund, Red Square, Moscow, Russia
Sculpture "Pink Grape" placed in the "M k slas Muzejs" museum fund, Latvia
Member of National Artist's Union of Russia and International Federation of Artist

Participant of "Charity: LifeLine", MEILE, LT
Grant winner from the European Cultural Foundation
Personal exhibition "Big Ears", Art Salon, Moscow, Russia
Nominee of the "Vera" award, International Festival of Arts, Russia
Participant of annual exhibition "Art D

Pasha Setrova - 151 Proof
151 Proof


Founded in 2008
Geneviève Lévesque   Director
Christian Dorey   Curator
Marie-Pierre Guay Desbiens   Coordinator
Jonathan Auclair   Business development agent
Stéphanie Gagnon   Gallery Assistant
Artêria represents emerging artists as well as those in mid-career. Whether through painting, photography, sculpture or glass, the gallery promotes bold work of high artistic quality by the new contemporary movement.
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