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Exhibitor's Artists:

Samuil Adlivankin
Biography :
Samuil Adlivankin (1897, Tatarsk, Mogilev, Belarus, - 1966, Moscow, Russia) was a prolific painter, graphic artist, art director and creator of monuments. He’s considered a major 20th Century artist and is often referred as one of the leading figures of Russian Constructivism. From 1912 to 1979 he studied at the Odessa Fine Arts School under K. Kostandi and then, under Tatlin, at the Moscow State Art Studios until 1919. Active in Moscow, he began exhibiting while still studying. In 1921-22 he participated in the New Society of Artists. Today, his artworks are in the permanent collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery of Moscow and of the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. Exhibition :
Since 1936 Samuil Adlivankin exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions across Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and Germany. More recently, his work was included in the exhibitions: “In Other Worlds: The Art of The Russian Avant Garde, 1910-1930” at the Shchukin Gallery, New York; “Realismi socialisti. Grande pittura sovietica 1920-1970” at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, (Rome, Italy); “Soviet Idealism” at Musée de l'art wallon (Liege, France); “New City” at the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia (Moscow, Russia) and in the itinerant exhibition “The Great Utopia: the Russian and Soviet avant-garde, 1915-1932” at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of New York and then at the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam and at the Schirn Kunsthalle of Frankurt/Main.
Detailed Description :
With his paintings Samuil Adlivankin easily moved across styles and genres, from non-objective paintings to figuration and from realism to the grotesque. He also illustrated popular magazines and executed drawings (together with Vladimir Mayakovsky) for political posters. Adlivankin’s period of greatest success was the early 1930s, when he produced a number of classic works of socialist realism. Additionally, he executed monumental murals for the Far East Pavilion at the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition in Moscow. Artist's Documents: CV  
Matthias Alfen
Biography :
Matthias Alfen (1965, Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, Germany) grew up in an artistic family. His grandfather was a painter and photographer, and when his father took over the family photography business, Matthias often accompanied him on shoots; looking through the lens of his father’s camera he became interested in the creative process. At the age of eighteen, his interest in sculpture led him to a two-year apprenticeship at the Master School for Stonemasonry in Aschaffenburg. After this, Alfen earned a Masters of Fine Arts in painting and sculpture from the Berlin Art Academy. While he was still a student, the Federal German Republic purchased one of Alfen’s works for their permanent collection. After graduating, Alfen became the artist-in-residence of the city of Soest where he won a commission to design a fountain for their main square. Upon being awarded a Krasner/Pollock grant Alfen moved to the United States. He has had a solo show at the Housatonic Museum of Art. The noted art critic Donald Kuspit has referred to Alfen’s work as “a major contribution to-a brilliant extension of-‘the art of the scream’”. Exhibition :
Matthias Alfen has had over thirty exhibitions, including solo exhibitions at: Galerie Noe, (Berlin, Germany); Galerie of the City of Soest (Stadtgalerie, Germany); Galerie Clasing, (Münster, Germany); Galerie Bremer, (Berlin, Germany); Neue Kunst Galerie, (Ried, Germany); Housatonic Museum of Art, (Bridgeport, Connecticut); and Shchukin Gallery, (New York, NY). His artworks have also been included in group exhibitions at Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung, (Berlin, Germany); Artspace, (New Haven, Connecticut); Nardin Gallery, (New York, New York); University of New Haven, (Connecticut); Garth Clark Gallery, (New York, New York); John Elder Gallery, (New York, New York); Chesterwood Estate and Museum, (Stockbridge, MA); Salon d’Art, (Saint-Germain en Laye, France). Additionally, Matthias Alfen has received art commissions from the German Federal Government; Hypo-Vereinsbank, (New York); Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, (New York); amd has received several awards, including the Jackson Pollock-Lee Krasner Grant.
Detailed Description :
Matthias Alfen’s work often plays with the human understanding of time as space, freely moving from geometrical formalism to Giacometti's Surrealism and Boccioni's Futurism. He mixes his deep understanding of human anatomy and kinesiology with a surrealist’s taste for contradiction and overstatement in witty figures designed to both confuse and compel. Alfen’s surrealism is based in the human shape, manipulating scale and form in order to create shapes in space of disconcerting, sometimes primitive, power. With his sculptures, Alfen captures something that lies beyond the surface and the mere physical. Artist's Documents: Art Critiques  
Complete CV  
Pierre-Marie Brisson
Biography :
Pierre-Marie Brisson (1955, Orléans, France) is a contemporary artist, an author of paintings, graphic works and engravings. He was born and grew up in a family of farmers, not far from Orléans, in the center of France. It was back in his childhood that he began drawing and evinced an interest for archeology, the history of ancient civilizations, and their culture. While travelling across Italy, he developed a special penchant for the art of the Etruscans, an ancient civilization that inhabited the Appenine Peninsula three millennia ago, and that has inspired Brisson’s work since then. 1978 saw Brisson’s first exhibition, held at the Charles Péguy Museum in Orléans, and in 1980 he was exhibited in New York. Starting from 1981, his works were displayed by museums and galleries in France and Germany, Sweden and Japan, Canada and the US, gaining popularity and recognition. Brisson’s work is now in prestigious collections, including the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco; the Achenbach, Foundation, (San Francisco); the Museum of Art of Fort Lauderdale, the Jewish Museum, (New York); the George Page Museum, (Los Angeles); the Bibliothéque Nationale in Paris; the Musée de la Poste, (Paris); the University of San Francisco, and the Pushkin Museum, (Moscow). Exhibition :
Brisson has had multiple solo and group exhibitions in prestigious galleries and museums, including: Timothy Yarger Fine Art, (Beverly Hills); Musée de L'Hospice St. Roch, (Issoudun, France); Musée de Cognac, (France); Galerie Fabrice Galvani, (Toulouse, France); Franklin Bowles Galleries, (New York-San Francisco); Musée des Beaux-Arts – Gaillac, (France); Musée Faure, (Aix-les-Bains, France); Art-Paris, Galerie Frédéric Storme, (Lille, France); Carré Sainte-Anne Espace d'Art Contemporain, (Montpellier, France); Miami Art+Design (MA+D) international Fair, Shchukin Gallery, (USA); and, more recently, had a solo retrospective at Shchukin Gallery, Paris entitled “An Overview, 1989-2015.”
Detailed Description :
Pierre-Marie Brisson’s painting reminds the viewer of ancient murals because of his simplified figures that evoke the protagonists of ancient legends and creatures from myths - while the surface of his works is uneven, covered with creases and crevices, as if touched by time. His careful texturing represents a kind of archeological dig for the artist: he cuts, scratches and pierces the multi-layered surfaces of his canvases to reveal images from within the strata of these materials. Pierre-Marie Brisson’s works bridge contemporaneity and concinnity with antiquity and the olden times. His work has often been compared to Matisse, especially the cutouts, largely due to his relentless exploration of floral motifs and his incredible facility with color. However, Brisson’s work presents a much richer vocabulary, one that is reminiscent of Pompeian murals, engaging the Classical exploration of the body and in modern iterations, investigating the confusion between abstraction and representation. Artist's Documents: Short CV  
Gregory de la Haba
Biography :
Gregory de la Haba is an artist, curator, writer and publisher of Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art and Quiet Lunch magazine. A cum laude graduate of Harvard University, de la Haba’s writings and artworks have been published in the Southampton Review, Rizzoli’s Irish America, New York Arts magazine, Whitehot Magazine and many others. Mr. de la Haba sees himself as a poet first and foremost. A native New Yorker, the artist lives in the city with his wife Teresa and their two boys. In 2004, Mr. de la Haba founded the Carlos Collazo Scholarship at the Escuela de Artes Plasticas, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, his alma mater, in loving memory of the beloved teacher and artist who died of AIDS in 1989. Exhibition :
Gregory de la Haba's artwork and projects have been included in numerous shows and art fairs around the globe including the Salzach Biennial (Germany), Salzburg Arts Festival (Austria), Queens Museum (New York, USA), Kunsthaus Tacheles (Germany), Contemporary Istanbul (Istanbul), Mykonos Biennial (Greece), and Scope Miami (USA) and Scope Basel (Germany). Most recently he curated the exhibitions “Who Shot Natalie White?”; “Magnificent Obsession: The Early Paintings of Abstract Expressionist Joann Gedney”; “John Havens Thornton:50 Years of Paining:1964-2014”; and “Pacific/Current, Featuring Andy Moses, Michael Torquato, Martin Durazo, Gregory Siff and Casper Brindle”. Additionally, he created the murals for Sean McPherson's Roger Room in West Hollywood and at Mister H. insider the Mondrian Hotel, NYC.
Detailed Description :
His paintings are both genre-defying and deeply social and tend to explore contemporary notions of masculinity. His art takes the form of painterly allegories and spatial expressions of his favorite past times, references to another epoch of civility, urbanity, congenial gatherings of gentlemen and fun loving gals.
Dozhd Sergey
Biography :
Born in 1965, Sergey Dozhd is a Russian contemporary artist known for his work spanning painting, installation and performance. Strongly influenced by the work of Kandinsky, throughout his career Dozhd has explored the relationship between abstraction and the viewer’s unconscious. Dozhd's work is now in prestigious public collections, including the Museum of Russian Academy of Fine Art (St. Petersburg, Russia), the Museum of Russian Art (Jersey City, USA), Today Art Museum (Beijing, China), and has received recognition among contemporary collectors including: Queen Silvia of Sweden, Robert Harris Rothchild (USA), Iwona Malewicz (Germany), Susan Katzev (USA) and Lai Yifan (China). Exhibition :
Sergey Dozhd has had solo exhibitions in prestigious locations including: Art New York presented by Art Miami (NY, USA); Ning Space Museum and Today Art Museum (Beijing, China); St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts (Russia); the Museum of Russian Art – MoRA (NJ, USA) and the State Museum of Contemporary History of Russia (Moscow, Russia). His work has also been included in group exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Yaroslavl, Russia), the Russian Pavillion 10th Edition (NY, USA); at Scope Art Basel week (Miami, USA); Scope Armory Week (NY, USA) and at the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia).
Detailed Description :
Sergey Dozhd looks at the history of art focusing on the relationship of mental and realistic artistic forms. His art practice aims at creating a deep connection with the viewers through a constant exploration of creativity and the creation - through his paintings - of unconscious psychological experiences. His abstract works play with the concepts of tone, volume, color, vision, sight, symmetry and asymmetry in order to open up unexpected possibilities of artistic synthesis. Dozhd has also developed a complex art theory that he calls “sciarsism”, which is a framework for both working directly with unconscious forms of creativity and for exploring how psychological theories of abstraction influence art production and reception. Artist's Documents: Complete CV  
Sergey Dozhd - Two C  
Sasha Meret
Biography :
Sasha Meret was born in Romania in 1955, where he studied art from an early age and obtained both his B.A. and M.A. He arrived in New York in 1987 and studied printmaking at Columbia University, setting up his studio in Tribeca. Meret’s work has been exhibited in Europe, Japan, China and the U.S. His production encompasses a wide range of techniques and styles. He combines painting, drawing, photography with printmaking techniques like: intaglio, woodcut, aquatint, monotype, and works in a variety of styles, from representational to abstract. He collaborates as a weekly illustrator for The New York Times and the International Herald Tribune and has illustrated several books for Simon and Schuster, Harper Collins, Henry Holt and other publishing houses. Meret has been awarded the Printmaking prize by the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia and has won the First Prize from the Romanian Editors Association. He currently lives and works in New York. Exhibition :
Sasha Meret has had more than twenty international solo exhibitions, showing at places such as the Romanian Cultural Institute, 1100 Madison Gallery and East- West Gallery in New York; Gallery Le Moulin, Espace Gambetta Gallery and Triskel Gallery in France; Artislong Gallery, Naito Gallery and Y’s Bash Gallery in Japan; Quackart Gallery in China; Kronart Galllery in Romania and AmyD Arte Spazio in Italy. In the United States his work has been included in group exhibitions at the Museum of Art and Design; Fridge Art Fair; Bruce Museum, Connecticut; Mana Contemporary, Jersey City; the Contemporary Art Center, Virginia; and the Russian Art Pavilion at the Armory Week. International group shows in which he has exhibited his art have taken place at Taiwan’s MOCA and at the Drawing Biennial at Triskell Gallery, France, among others. His work has been acquired for the collection of the Romanian Cultural Foundation, Carcassonne Museum, Rafael Collection, Pfizer Corporation, Sony Corporation, Joyce-Gilmore Mertz Foundation, Art Lin YuNu Foundation, Pall Corporation, Queens Museum, Brasov Art Museum and of the Craiova Art Museum.
Detailed Description :
Sasha Meret's creative process is a continuous search for new challenges. His imagery reflects his spiritual explorations, blending European, African, Asian, and esoteric symbolism in a highly personal visual language. And he alternates figuration with abstraction in search for a balance between ideas and emotions. His latest installation/environment, called “The Shrine of Hronim - The Time Particle”, incorporates drawings, painting, printmaking, and sculpture, as well as assemblages, video, photography, LED lights, and more. This large-scale installation communicates Meret’s ideas, which are triggered by his interest in quantum physics, history, and literature. In his work, Meret tackles theories, concepts, and historical events, often reinterpreting reality in an attempt to capture that elusive moment of transformation that is the fabric of what we call life. Artist's Documents: Extended Artist Statement  
Art Critiques  
Paton Miller
Biography :
Paton Miller's natural talent as an artist was apparent from an early age when his family noticed Paton drawing caricatures of the family. This interest in the family condition grew into an interest of the human condition leading Paton to his early studies on the works of Daumier, Goya and Hogarth. His family moved to Hawaii when Paton was quite young and he began his formal art studies at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. After his studies there, in 1973, Paton embarked on a year long journey that took him west from the island of Oahu, Hawaii, to the Philippines, China, much of Asia and Europe. He returned to the States with a collection of travel inspired artworks that won him an art scholarship from Southampton College. Graduating with honors, Paton launched his career in over twenty solo and numerous group exhibitions in New York City and throughout the United States. Exhibition :
Paton Miller's has had solo exhibitions in the United States at Pamela Williams Gallery, (Amaganset, NY); Hampton Road Gallery; Flying Goose Studio and Benton Gallery (Southampton, NY); Gallery Z and Gallery Yoram Gil (Los Angeles); David Findlay JR Fine Art and Nohra Haime Gallery (New York); Bell Gallery (Seattle, WA); and more recently at the Shchukin Gallery (New York). Additionally, he has exhibited in international group shows at the Florence Biennale (Italy); the Keith Alexander Gallery and Buschlen Mowatt Gallery (Vancouver, Canada); International Invitational Art Expo (Shanghai, China); Galerie Artist (Istanbul, Turkey) and Galerie Dumila (Manila, Philippines). Collective exhibitions in the US include Anita Friedman Fine Art (New York); Arthur T. Kalaher, Sag Harbor and The Parrish Art Museum, (Southampton, NY); Federal Reserve (Washington D.C.); Gerald Peters Gallery (Santa Fe-New York); Guild Hall Museum (East Hampton, NY); and White Room Gallery (Bridgehampton, NY). Miller's work is in the collections of the American Embassy in Abu Dhabi; the American Embassy in Bogota, Colombia; Heckscher Museum in Huntington, NY; Guild Hall in East Hampton; NY; The Parrish Art Museum in Southampton, NY; and William and Mary College in Virginia.
Detailed Description :
Paton Miller's work is a combination of his early influences, his personal life and his extensive adventures. His paintings are known for their narrative quality, distinct surfaces and rich palette. Paton Miller’s work carries a certain world weariness - a pastoral ennui of muted transcendence. His paintings are not overly literal, but they are literary, depicting specific times and places but also speaking to all times and places. Miller’s figurative work is slightly askew; featuring a spooky perspective that evokes the prominent, exaggerated visual contours of totems and exotic masks, and his landscapes often fade to washes of abstract coloration. In his myriad subjects - stoic donkeys, lonely dogs, snoozing cats, and strange solitary figures - Miller projects warmth, pathos and a sense of abstract visionary intensity. Artist's Documents: Paton Miller - CV  
Paton Miller - Publications  
Aleksandr Shevchenko
Biography :
Aleksandr Shevchenko (1883–1948) studied art at the famous Stroganov Art School in Moscow and later in Paris, where he was greatly influenced by the works of impressionists and post-impressionists, especially by Paul Cezanne. In 1910 Shevchenko joined a famous artists' group, the "Jack of Diamonds," and became interested in primitive art. In 1913 he wrote the book 'Neo-primiivizm', from which the Russian art movement derives its name. Aleksandr Shevchenko headed the Literary and Art Section of the Art Board in People's Commissariat for Education (1918 — 1921). Besides, the artist taught at the Higher Art and Technical Studios (1918 — 1929). He was a member of the Makovets art group and the Moscow Artists Society. In the late 1920s – early 1930s he visited Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia and created a series of works on the oriental themes. From 1941 Aleksandr Shevchenko headed the Department of Painting at the Moscow Textile Institute. Today, Shevchenko is regarded as one of the most influential Russian avant-garde painters and theorists. Works by Shevchenko are kept in all major Russian museums and included in the permanent expositions of the State Tretyakov Gallery and State Russian Museum. Exhibition :
A short list of exhibitions featuring Aleksandr Shevchenko’s work include: the Salon des Indépendants (1906), Moscow Fellowship of Artists (1907–08), Vladimir Izdebsky Salon (1910–11), Knave of Diamonds (1910, 1916), Moscow Salon (1911), Union of Youth (1911–12), Donkey’s Tail (1912), Target (1913), World of Art (1913, 1917, 1921), No. 4 Futurists, Rayonists, Primitive (1914), the First Exhibition of Pictures of the Trade Union of Artists at the Art Salon in Moscow (1918), the First State Exhibition of Pictures by Local and Moscow Artists at the Borokhov Club in Vitebsk (1919), XII State Exhibition: Colour Dynamos and Tectonic Primitivism at the Claudia Mikhailova Art Salon in Moscow (1919), XIX State Exhibition at the Claudia Mikhailova Art Salon in Moscow (1920), Die erste russische Kunstausstellung in the Galerie Van Diemen at 21 Unter den Linden in Berlin (1922), Makovets (1922, 1925), series of exhibitions of the Guild of Painters (1926, 1928, 1930), Exhibition of the Latest Tendencies in Art in Leningrad (1927), Exhibition of the Society of Moscow Artists (1928, 1929), Russische Kunst von heute in Vienna (1930), Artists of the RSFSR Over Fifteen Years in Leningrad and Moscow (1932–33) and his historical solo-exhibition at the State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow (1933). More recently, his work has regularly been included in important international exhibitions such as “Alexander Scevchenko”, retrospective at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow (2010) and “In Other Worlds: The Art of the Russian Avant-Garde, 1910-1930” at Shchukin Gallery, New York.
Detailed Description :
Alexander Shevchenko possessed an artistic individuality that allowed him to be detached in regards to both avant-garde experiments and the socialist realist canon. His love for the objective world and his desire to express feelings from everyday life were united in his art with the subtlety and generalization of shapes. Incorporated in his still lifes there is a light and wonderful world where everything is significant, entertaining, and also full of the direct feeling of life where thoughts and feeling are combined. Differently from other artists of his time, more interested in an image’s expressiveness and the picturesque essence of things abstracted from their utilitarian purpose, what really mattered for Shevchenko was the inherently lively sense of the thing itself. Artist's Documents: Short CV  
Artwork on Sale  
Critique of Still Life with Fruit and Smoking Pipe  
Ülo Sooster
Biography :
Ülo Sooster is considred the most influential surrealist Estonian painter. Born in 1924 in the village of Ühtri on the island of Hiiumaa (Estonia) he studied at Tartu Institute of Art (1945-49). In 1949 he was arrested and sentenced to ten years of imprisonment in a corrective labor camp in Kazakhstan because of supposed anti-Soviet activities. He was released seven years later and moved to Moscow, where he soon became friend with Yuri Nolev-Sobolev, one of the leaders of the Non-conformist Russian artists. Together, they founded the Sretenskij Bulvar Surrealist Group and in 1958 began exhibiting their work in a series of weekly events called “Sooster’s Tuesdays”. In 1962 - with the goal of establishing some form of relationship with the Soviet government - he decided to participate in a group exhibition organized at Moscow’s Manege, for the thirtieth anniversary of the Moscow branch of the Union of Artists. However, the show was closed soon after the visit of Nikita Khrushchev, with severe repercussions on Sooster’s public life and work. In 1965 Sooster’s work was included in international exhibitions that introduced the avant-garde of Moscow to Czechoslovakia, Poland and Italy. His relationship with the Russian government, however, didn’t improve until his death in Moscow in 1970. Only recently his influence on the Russian Non-conformist and conceptual artists has been recognized. Exhibition :
Ülo Sooster’s troubled history of exhibitions includes the scandalous Manege exhibition in 1962 (closed by Nikita Khrushchev after a few days) where he exhibited his famous “Eye in Egg”. From 1965 he exhibited his work in Czechoslovakia, Poland and Italy and in the prestigious Gmurzynska Gallery in Cologne (Germany). In 1967 he participated in the first Tallinn Jazz Festival. After Sooster’s death, in 1971, the Tartu Art Museum in Estonia organized the first retrospective of his work. Posthumous exhibitions have taken place at IKON Gallery (Belgium); at the State Art Museum, the State Historical Museum and the Union of Artists of Tallinn (Estonia) and at the State Literary Museum and Exhibition Hall MOKHHa of Moscow (Russia).
Detailed Description :
Ülo Sooster’s art grew out of the tradition of surrealism, which offered the possibility of deconstructing the reality of the Soviet Union. In 1957 Sooster began reading about René Magritte and Max Ernst and created his first surrealist compositions. In the 1960s he began to use a labyrinth motif to build up the space of his compositions. He took Magritte’s egg motifs and placed them within his paintings where they seem to hover in space over the landscape below. He used art to express the inequality in society, without ever compromising his vision. Sooster’s system of signs includes three geometrically abstracted images: an egg, juniper and fish, as well as the concepts of infinity, evolution, and the experience of timelessness.
Eduard Steinberg
Biography :
A creator of geometrical abstract paintings, Eduard Steinberg was born in 1937 into the family of poet, translator, and artist A.A. Steinberg. Shortly after his birth, his father was arrested by the Stalin regime and thrown into prison. Upon his release, the family settled in Tarusa and Eduard helped his parents in their pursuits, though he had no professional artistic education. He lived in Tarusa from 1957 to 1961, teaching himself to paint by making copies of still lives, portraits and landscape paintings of Tarusa. Moving to Moscow in 1962, he actively participated in the nonconformist movement - which supported freedom of expression in arts and basic human rights. In the 1970s Steinberg began creating his own version of geometrical abstraction where a plastic construction is seen as a consequence of a spiritual impulse. In 1992, the Tretyakov gallery organized a major exhibition of Steinberg’s works, the first one dedicated entirely to the artist. Since then, his work has been exhibited widely and is present in many museums around the world. Steinberg died in 2012 in Paris. Exhibition :
Eduard Steinberg has exhibited his work in some of the most prestigious international spaces for modern and contemporary art. Russian museums that have included his work in solo and collective exhibitions include the Tretyakov State Gallery of Moscow; the Marble Palace and the State Russian Museum of St. Petersburg; the National Center For Contemporary Art (NCCA); and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art – MMOMA. His work has also been extensively exhibited in Germany at the Josef Albers Museum; the Museum Wiesbaden; the Museum für Konkrete Kunst of Ingolstadt; the Leverkusen Modern Art Museum Morsbroich; the Wilhelm-Hack Museum; the Museum für Konkrete Kunst; the Kunstmuseum Bochum; the Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst; the Leopold-Hoesch-Museum & Papiermuseum Düren; the Museum Kunstpalast and the Neue Nationalgalerie of Berlin. Additionally, he has exhibited at the Kunstmuseum Bern (Switzerland); the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum (Slovakia); the Tyrolean State Museum (Austria); and at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of New York (USA).
Detailed Description :
Eduard Steinberg is one of the major Nonconformist artists, the most striking representatives of the second wave of the Russian avant-garde. Initially he worked en plein air, painted landscapes, still-lifes and portraits of friends. Then he moved to “metaphysical still-lifes”, reaching - under the influence of Malevich - his well known abstract style. By retaining the overall impression that his flying forms are hovering in space, Steinberg reduced to a minimum the sharp contrasts in color, inherent in the original suprematism, giving his forms a likeness to a melancholic memory of the avant-garde. His abstract pieces are characterized by calm and eternity, rather heavy planes of color and well-pressed lines. These paintings developed into a series spanning many years, elegant in its modeling of form and full of subtle decorative intuition. Artist's Documents: CV  
Oleg Tselkov
Biography :
Oleg Tselkov was born in 1934 in Moscow. During the 1950s the Soviet Union denounced Western cultural influences and Tselkov was among the many young artists who became part of the underground and experimental art scene and were seen as ‘nonconformist’. In 1958 he graduated from the Moscow secondary art school and entered the Minsk Theatre and Art Institute, but was expelled for “formalism” a year later. In the 1960s-1970s, Tselkov’s studio in Moscow was frequented by international celebrities such as Arthur Miller, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Renato Guttuso, Louis Aragon and Pablo Neruda. However, he was forced into exile in the late 70s and moved to Paris, where he still resides. Today, Tselkov’s remarkable work has received international attention: in 1997 he was awarded the Tsarskoe Selo Prize in St. Petersburg; in 2005 he received the Triumph prize in Moscow; in 2012 the Pushkin Museum Award and the year after the prestigious Hermitage Museum Foundation Award. Exhibition :
Oleg Tselkov has exhibited in some of the most prestigious spaces for contemporary art, including solo exhibitions at: Lazarev Gallery in association with the State Hermitage Museum (St Petersburg, Russia); Saatchi Gallery (London, UK); K-35 Gallery, (Moscow, Russia); The State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia); Connaught Brown Gallery (London, UK) and has had multiple group exhibitions at MMOMA - Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Russia); AP Contemporary (Hong Kong); at the Russian American Foundation (New York); and at Moscow Fine Art (Moscow, Russia). His works are currently on display at the State Tretyakov Gallery of Moscow (Russia); the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam (Netherlands); at the State Hermitage of St Petersburg (Russia) and at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, (Moscow, Russia).
Detailed Description :
The well-known Russian Nonconformist artist Oleg Tselkov has been developing a single theme in his art since 1960, namely archetypical images of human faces painted with strange, pulsating colors. Tselkov’s mysterious images seem to glow from within. He depicts inner psychological patterns of violence in contemporary culture through images that are both reminiscent of the horrors of the past but can also be related to our contemporary loss of individuality. While using color as a pure force, his psychedelic palette creates a stark contrast with the ominous subtext of his paintings. Knives and guns shine in the bright mist; lurid faces are like warped and subverted icons, intensely human, but also abstracted. In 2013 art critic Simon Hewitt wrote in the Huffington Post that “Tselkov is destined to be acknowledged as the greatest Russian artist of his era.” Today, Tselkov’s paintings are compared with those of Henri Rousseau, Fernand Léger, as well as the masterpieces of Expressionism and Surrealism, but despite the parallels with many European modernist art movements, Tselkov’s art is absolutely unique. Artist's Documents: Interview  
Two Interviews  
Murray Zimiles
Biography :
Murray Zimiles, a painter, printmaker, curator and author was a professor of art at Purchase College, State University of New York, from 1977-2014. He received his BFA in painting and printmaking from the University of Illinois, his MFA from Cornell University, and his post-graduate study of printmaking at the Ecole Nationale Superior des Beaux Art, Paris, France. In 2007 he was elected a member of the National Academy, NY. Zimiles was the Guest Curator of the American Folk Art Museum’s exhibition and author of the book/catalogue publication Gilded Lions and Jeweled Horses, which won the National Jewish Book Award in the Visual Arts category. His work is part of several private and museum collections throughout the world, notably: the Museum of Modern Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the Jewish Museum, the New York Public Library, NY; the Neuberger Museum, Purchase, NY; the Philadelphia Museum of Art; Wesleyan University; the Portland Museum of Art; the Museum of Modern Art, Haifa, Israel; the Tel Aviv Museum, Israel; the National Collection, Washington, DC; the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia; and the Ronald Lauder Collection, New York. Exhibition :
Zimiles has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions since 1965. In 2003 a mid-career retrospective of his paintings and drawings was held at the Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase, NY. Recent shows of merit include an exhibition during the summer of 2013 of his recent paintings at the Berta Walker Gallery, Provincetown, MA. In October 2014 he had a major exhibition of his Holocaust paintings, drawings, and prints at the Florida Houston Museum, which recently acquired approximately 140 pictures executed from 1984-91. Other prestigious venues that have exhibited Zimiles’ work include the Cape Museum of Fine Arts, MA, USA; Sydney Jewish Museum, Sydney, Australia; National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia, USA; the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art for the International Biennial Print Exhibition and the Virginia Museum of Art, Richmond, USA. In 2015 he had a solo exhibition at the Shchukin Gallery, New York, entitled: “Murray Zimiles, Reimagining Landscape Painting for the XXl Century.”
Detailed Description :
Murray Zimiles has perused certain themes and artistic concerns consistently throughout his career. He has always used identifiable objects, the human figure and animals in particular, not only to wrestle with the formal elements of painting but to provoke thought, memories and associations, and to stir the emotions. For the last 20 years he has taken up the challenge of bringing 21st century artistic conundrums and techniques to landscape and cityscape painting. Through complex modulations of exquisite color, overlapping planes, and a dynamic sense of movement, he creates a distinct sense of uneasiness and awe. His current elements are altered and multiple perspectives, the eerie presence of animals, and patterns of buildings and spaces distorted almost beyond recognition. The result is a body of works in constant dialogue with the history of American landscape, but deeply rooted in our time. His pursuit is nothing less than the reinvention of landscape painting for the 21st century. Artist's Documents: Art Critique  
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Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

Aladdin Garunov
Biography : Born in Dagestan and a resident of Moscow since 1977, Aladdin Garunov has been called by art critics “the Moslem Beuys”. He calls himself a man of the world and focuses in his works on the contraposition of two models for civilization — the technologically developed West versus the traditional patriarchal East. Garunov is concerned about issues of national and religious identity, globalization, which is posing a threat to it, and the fate of nations and cultures of long standing. The artist prefers the practice of contemporary art yet keeps within the confines of the ethical and religious Moslem tradition, stressing the importance of one's national identity and employing strategies and media typical of the modern age. Aladdin Garunov is a two-time finalist for the Kandinsky Award — with his projects “Zikr” (2010) and “Total Prayer” (2012); in April 2014, the latter garnered him the Kuryokhin Award for Best Work of Visual Art. Works by Garunov are part of collections of the State Russian Museum (Saint Petersburg, Russia), the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow, Russia), the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Moscow, Russia), the Kolodzei Art Foundation (New Jersey, USA), as well as other Russian and foreign museum and private collections. Exhibition : Aladdin Garunov has had multiple solo and group exhibitions in some of the most prestigious venues for contemporary art including: III Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Aidan Gallery, (Moscow, Russia); ART DUBAI, Aidan Gallery stand, (Dubai, United Arab Emirates); the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia); the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, (Moscow, Russia); International Art Fair Cornice, (Venice, Italy); the State Decorative Art Museum, (Moscow, Russia) the State Historical Art Museum, (Sergiev Posad, Russia), and has recently showed his work during ARTPALMBEACH at the GALLERY SHCHUKIN stand, (West Palm Beach, FL, USA). Detailed Description :
Aladdin Garunov is a versatile master who works in a variety of arts: sculpture, painting, and photography. He puts together objects and installations, makes videos, and combines works of different genres into multidimensional projects, which arouse the interest of the viewers, the art community, and critics alike. In his oeuvre, Garunov combines the practices of avant-garde and minimalism with the classic approach to painting, pioneer work with materials (primarily, industrial rubber) with invoking the sacral traditions of mankind and, above all, Islam. Artist's Documents: Short CV  
Sergey Grinevich
Biography : Born in 1960 in the Grodno region, Belarus; 1971-1978 - studied in the Republican school of Fine Art; 1978-1983 - studied in the Belarusian Academy of Art (mural painting = monumental faculty ); 1982 - began to take part in art exhibitions. Exhibition : Selected personal and group exhibitions: 2013 ARTPALMBEACH, GALLERY SHCHUKIN stand, West Palm Beach, FL, USA 2012 FIRST MINSK TRIENNIAL OF CONTEMPORARY ART “BELEXPO-ART-2012”, Belorussia 2011 Gallery Wystawa, Warsaw, Poland 2011 Y gallery, Minsk, Belorussia 2010 Kryga gallery, Grodno, Belorussia 2010 International plein-air, Mark Rothko, Daugavpils, Latvia 2010 International plein-air, Raigardas, Druskininkai, Lithuania 2010 Art-Kiev contemporary, Kiev, Ukraine 2010 Agart, art gallery, Bialystok, Poland 2009 International plein-air, Zelwa, Poland 2009 International plein-air, Dadaj, Poland 2009 Byelorussian pavilion, Belexpo, Minsk, Belorussia 2009 Fine-art gallery, Polotsk, Belorussia 2009 Art-Kyiv contemporary, Kiev ,Ukraine 2009 Region museum, Grodno, Belorussia 2009 Sady Pobedy gallery, Odessa,Ukraine 2008 International plein-air, Zelwa, Poland 2008 International plein-air, Dadaj, Poland 2008 International plein-air, Grodno, Belorussia 2007 International plein-air, Grodno, Belorussia 2006 National Museum of Fine Art, Minsk, Belorussia 2006 Grodno exhibition hall, Grodno, Belorussia 2006 “Anixis” gallery, Baden, Switserland 2006 Cultural Center Babel, Utrecht, Netherlands 2006 Covalenco gallery,Geldrop, Netherlands 2005 “Espace Pierre Cardin ‘’, Paris, France 2004 Municipal Museum, Limoges, France 2004 Palace “ Ossolineum” Wroclaw, Poland 2003 Municipal Museum, Limoges, France 2000 Museum of Modern Art, Minsk, Belorussia 2000 “Amatininkaj “ gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania 2000 “Anixis” gallery, Baden, Switserland 2000 “Art felchlin “ gallery, Zurich, Switserland 1999 II international symposium “Sulecin”, Poland 1998 The international Artist Settlement “ Berkshire “, New York, USA 1997 The II International Shagall symposium, Vitebsk, Belorussia 1997 The II International Biennale “Dialogues”, St. Petersburg, Russia 1993 Aragon`s artist`s union`s gallery ‘’Goya”, Zaragoza, Spain 199 Detailed Description :
He works mainly in genre of easel painting, also he spend a lot of time on monumental kinds of Fine Arts, especially connected with architecture ( stained-glass window, fresco). Over 70 architecture works created by him can be found in Grodno region and Moscow.
Oksana Levchenia
Biography : Born in 1975, lives and works in Kiev, Ukrain. Graduated from Kiev NMU in 2001. Educated in painting at Alexandra Pravova art studio. Exhibition : Selected personal and group exhibitions: 2013 ARTPALMBEACH, GALLERY SHCHUKIN stand, West Palm Beach, FL, USA 2012 Exhibition in GALLERY SHCHUKIN, Moscow, Russia 2012 Art Kiev Contemporary, project “Space of variants - II”, Kiev, Ukraine 2011-2012 “Militant Feminism”, painting, video, installation Fine Art Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine 2011 Project “Collider”, Art-Kiev, Arsenal, Kiev; 2010 Participated in“ Ukrainian paradox”, Geneva by Art Geneva, Switzerland; 2010 Project “Dictators” for “Lust”, Ukrainian House, Kiev; 2010 Project “Short screen Shot”, Art-Kiev Contemporary; 2010 Project “Happiness” Luxury Gallery “Sadi pobedy”, Odessa, Ukraine; 2009 Participated in the “Torn world” project curated by Adam Nankervis Man Museum, Kiev, Bereznitskaya and Partners Gallery; 2009 Painting project “Socialistic capitalism”, Art Kiev, Ukrainian House, Kiev
Kazimir Malevich
Biography : Russian, was born in Ukraine. 1878–1935 Russian painter, printmaker, decorative artist and theorist of art, was born in Ukraine near Kiev with Polish origin. Detailed Description :
One of the pioneers of abstract art, Malevich was a central figure in a succession of avant-garde movements during the period of the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917 and immediately after. The style of severe geometric abstraction with which he is most closely associated, Suprematism, was a leading force in the development of Constructivism, the repercussions of this were continued throughout the 20th century. His work was suppressed in Soviet Russia in the 1930s and remained little known during the following two decades. The reassessment of his reputation in the West from the mid-1950s was matched by the renewed influence of his work on the paintings of Ad Reinhardt and on developments such as Zero, Hard-edge painting and Minimalism.
Vladimir MIgachev
Biography : Born in 1959 in the village of Kucheryaevo, located in the Orlov region. In the late sev¬enties, the Migachevs moved to Krasnodar where he entered the Kuban State University, department of Art and Graphic. After graduating, Migachev trained technical drawing and standard drawing courses in secondary school. Exhibition : Selected personal and group exhibitions: 2013 ARTPALMBEACH, GALLERY SHCHUKIN stand, West Palm Beach, FL, USA 2011 Quiet Life. Erarta Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg, Russia 2010 Still Leben, Moscow, Russia. 2010 The Visible Side, Center for Contemporary Art, Vladikavkaz, Russia. 2010 Gabelhofen, Fonsdorf, Austria. 2010 The Long Day. Volga Gallery, Moscow, Russia. 2010 Exhibition of graphic works. Ober Gallery, New York, USA. 2010 Distortion. Earth. Agency Art Ru Gallery, Moscow, Russia. 2009 Solo Exhibition: stART Galerie, Leoben, Austria. 2009 Cité internationale des Arts, Paris, France. 2009 Landscape for Anna. Volga Gallery, Moscow, Russia. 2009 Kulturzentrum, St. Michael, Austria. 2008 Personal exhibition of graphic Simple Numbers, VOLGA art gallery, Moscow, Russia 2008 Art-fair of graphic arts Hudgraph 2008, VOLGA art gallery, New Manege, Moscow, Rus¬sia. 2008 Ark. Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia. 2008 Peninsula. Volga Gallery, Moscow, Russia. 2008 Art Manège Trade Fair, Moscow, Russia. 2007 Solo Exhibition Landscape for Anna, VOLGA art gallery, Moscow, Russia. 2007 Solo Exhibition Primes Numbers. Volga Gallery, Moscow, Russia. 2007 Art-Line Gallery, Augsburg, Germany. 2006 Solo Exhibition. A-3 Gallery, Moscow, Russia. 2006 Art Manège Trade Fair, Moscow, Russia. 2005 Solo Exhibition: Negative Landscape. Krasnodar Regional Art Museum, Krasnodar, Russia. 2005 Solo Exhibition: Walk. The New Manège State Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia. 2005 Group exhibition in Gallery of Karina Shanshieva, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia. 2004 Solo Exhibition. Shanshieva Gallery, Moscow, Russia. 2003 Solo Exhibition, Krasnodar Regional Exhibition Hall of Fine Arts, Krasnodar, Russia. 2003 Solo Exhibtion, Klarissa Gallery, Krasnodar, Russia 2002 Solo Exhibition, Krasnodar Regional Art Museum, Krasnodar, Russia. 2002 Solo Exhibition, Gordarike Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden. 2000 11 variants. Central House
Michail Molochnikov
Biography : Born in Moscow in 1963. Graduated from Moscow Architectural Сollege in 1984. Lives in Berlin (Germany) 1996 - entered into International Federation of Art (IFA). 2004 Entered into Germany Art Alli¬ance BBK. . 1994 Granted by the European Association for Jewish Culture, Paris, France 1994 Award for Unique Graphics, 3rd International Biennale of Graphic Art, Кaliningrad Museum of Art, Kaliningrad, Russia Exhibition : Selected personal and group exhibitions: 2013 ARTPALMBEACH, GALLERY SHCHUKIN stand, West Palm Beach, FL, USA 2012 SHANGHAI ART FAIR, GALLERY SHCHUKIN stand, project SILK, Shanghai, China; ART ELYSEES, GALLERY SHCHUKIN stand, project “Anthropomorphic Space of memory”, Paris, France; “Regeneration of the mind”, “Black Dog Gallery”, Moscow, Russia; “The Magic of Diversity”. Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, Vienna, Aus¬tria; “Artists’ Books on Tour – Artist Competition and Mobile Museum”. International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia; “Artists’ Books on Tour – Artist Competition and Mobile Museum”. Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague, Czech Republic; Gallery Shchukin stand Annual Graphic Arts Fair “HudGraf” /.Moscow State Exhibition Hall “New Manege”, Russia; The 7th forum of the book arts in Cologne («7. EDITIONALE Koln»), Art Studio «Neues Kunstforum», Germany; “Dialogues”. Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia; “The Experimental Art of Russian Children’s Books”, New York City, USA 2011 “Distortion. The Earth”. “Art.ru” Agency, Moscow, Russia; “The Alphabet from A to Z”, “MEWO” Art Gallery, Memmingen, Germany; “Con¬temporary Russian artist’s books in Marseille”. “Vis-a-Vis” Art Studio, France; “Julia VERMES Collection”. “Vizivarosi Gallery”, Budapest, Hungary; The London Art Book Fair, “Whitechapel Gallery”, London, England; “Russian Art” at the “Fischer Auction”, Luzern, Switzerland; “Artists’ Books on Tour – Artist Competition and Mobile Museum”. Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art (MAK), Vienna, Austria 2010 “Boom the Paper”. “Ayr” Fund, Moscow, Russia; “Origin of species”. The State Darwin Museum, Moscow, Russia; “Moscow Grafika: Artist`s Prints 1961-2009” by the Kolodzei Art Foundation. Woodrow Wilson International Center, Washington, USA; “Alla Gloria Militar”. “Aircraft Gal¬
Sasha Semenoff
Biography : Born in 1938 born in Moscow, Russia. Graduated from Moscow Printing institute in 1969. Since 1970 participated in exhibitions of easel painting and black-and-white art. Since 1981 participated in exhibitions of painting. Lives in Germany. Exhibition : Selected personal and group exhibitions: 2013 ARTPALMBEACH, GALLERY SHCHUKIN stand, West Palm Beach, FL, USA 2012 SHANGHAI ART FAIR, GALLERY SHCHUKIN stand, project SILK, Shanghai, China 2012 ART ELYSEES, GALLERY SHCHUKIN stand, project “Anthropomorphic Space of memory”, Paris, France 2012 Moscow International Fair of Graphic Art «Hudgraph» GALLERY SHCHUKIN stand, Moscow, Russia 2012 «Christmas» National Art Collections Foundation Gallery in Vetoshny lane, Moscow, Russia 2011 DI Group artists in Academy of Art, Moscow, Russia 2011 «Isolation of Freedom», National Art Collections Foundation in Krivokolenny exhibiting hall , Moscow, Russia 2009 «Transreality Surfing», Burglinster Castle, Luxemburg, together with the Ministry of Culture of Luxemburg and National Art Collections Foundation (Russia), Galerie 0,10 (France) 2008 «Sasha Semenoff» gallery of the National Art Collections Foundation in Vetoshny, Moscow, Russia 2007 «Tenants of the Old House» Gallery of National Art Collections Foundation in Vetoshny, Moscow, Russia 2006 «Dame in mirror» gallery «Bentvogels», Antwerp, Belgium 2006 «Seasons of Russian Aristocracy» exhibition in Usovo Estate together with Penny Lane Realty and National Art Collections Foundation, curator Dmitry Preobrazhensky 2005 «Reflections» gallery «Aida», Antwerp 2005 «Rich man poor man…» gallery «Bentvogels», Antwerp, Belgium 2004 Exhibition in Schoten castle, Antwerp, Belgium, «Moscow tram» gallery «Aida» and National Art Collections Foundation 2002 «Artists of the National Art Collections Foundation in Kozitsky lane», Moscow, Russia 2002 International Art Fair «Art-Moscow», gallery of the National Art Collections Foundation, Moscow, Russia 2001 «Artists of DI circle», Russian Academy of Art, Moscow, Russia 2000 Gallery «Vincenty and Spiller», Florida, Jacksonville 1999 «Artists of the National Art Collections Foundation at gallery in Sokol str.», Moscow, Russia 1998 Gal
Andrey Shchelokov
Biography : Born in 1958 in Estonian city Kohtla-Yarve. 1987 - graduated from drama school of Moscow Art Academic Theatre (stage faculty). 1985 – 1989 worked as theatrical art designer and designed over 40 opera and dramatic performances. Exhibition : 2011 • “Angels of Bolshoi Theater” Gallery Shchukin together with National Art Collections Foundation, Moscow, Vetoshny 2006 • “Split with ice” Galerie 0,10 together with National Art Collections Foundation, Belgium, Antwerp 2005 • “Fly over Mongolia” Gallery Bendvogels” together with National Art Collections Foundation, Belgium, Antwerp 2004 • “Post war series”, Gallery Aida, together with National Art Collections Foundation, Belgium, Antwerp 2003 • National Art Collections Foundation, gallery of the Foundation in Kozitsky, Moscow 1994 • “Wooden outer space”, Moscow Fine Art Gallery, Moscow , Russia 1994 • “Purity” Gallery Velta, Moscow, Russia Group shows: 2012 • International Art Fair “Hudgraph”, Moscow 2011 • “City secrets” National Art Collections Foundation exhibition in gallery of the Foundation in Vetoshny, Moscow 2011 • exhibition devoted to Yuri Nikulin 90s year anniversary in Nikulin’s Circus on Tsvetnoy boulevard 2009 • “New Artists of Russia” Galerie 0,10, Paris, France 2006 • “Seasons of Russian Aristocracy” National Art Collections Foundation exhibition in Usovo Estate 2005 • “Post war series” National Art Collections Foundation exhibition in gallery of the Foundation in Vetoshny, Moscow 2004 • “Moscow Tram” National Art Collections Foundation exhibition together with Gallery Shchukin, in Schotten Castle, Belgium 2002 • “Art Moscow” International Art Fair, Gallery Shchukin, Moscow, Russia 2001 • “Art Moscow” International Art Fair, Moscow, Russia 1999 • “The OTHER” Gallery Grant, New York, USA 1993 • “Settlement” (Together with I. Kaminnik and V. Fishkin) M. Guelman Gallery, Moscow, Russia; • ART MYTH 3; Manezh, Moscow, Russia 1992 • 3d International biennially, Istanbul, Turkey; • Art of new Russia, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Finland 1991 • “Aesthetic experience Detailed Description :
Now is the chief art designer of Moscow Nikulin’s Circus on Tsvetnoy boulevard. Artist, designer, theatrical designer.
Natalya Zaloznaya
Biography : Born in Minsk, Belorussia. Graduated from the Institute of Theatre and Art (Academy of Arts) in Minsk in 1985. Lives and works in Brussels since 2000. 1997 Artist-in-residence « KulturKontakt », Vienna, Austria 1997 Artist-in-residence « Kunstlerhaus », Boswil, Switzerland Exhibition : Selected personal and group exhibitions: 2013 ARTPALMBEACH, GALLERY SHCHUKIN stand, West Palm Beach, FL, USA 2012 SHANGHAI ART FAIR, GALLERY SHCHUKIN stand, project SILK, Shanghai, China 2012 ART ELYSEES, GALLERY SHCHUKIN stand, project “Anthropo¬morphic Space of memory”, Paris, France 2010 Group 2 Gallery, Brussels, Belgium 2010 Colourblind Gallery, Cologne, Germany 2010 Contemporary Art Museum, Minsk, Belorussia 2010 Lilja Zakirova Gallery, Heusden, Holland 2009 VOLGA art gallery, Moscow, Russia 2009 Gallery “De Twee Pauwen”, The Hague, Holland 2008 VOLGA art gallery, Moscow, Russia 2008 Group 2 Gallery, Brussels, Belgium 2008 Lilja Zakirova Gallery, Heusden, Holland 2007 Gallery “De Twee Pauwen”, The Hague, Holland 2007 Ludwig Lefevere Gallery, Knokke-Zoute, Belgium 2007 Lilja Zakirova Gallery, Heusden, Holland 2006 Group 2 Gallery, Brussels, Belgium 2006 Lilja Zakirova Gallery, Heusden, Holland 2005 51 international art exhibition “Biennale di Venezia”, Italy (Pavilion of Belorussia) 2005 Group 2 Gallery, Brussels, Belgium 2005 Spectrum Gallery, London, UK 2005 Lilja Zakirova Gallery, Heusden, Holland 2004 Gertsev Gallery, Atlanta, USA 2004 Royden Prior Gallery, Eton, UK 2003 “Art from Minsk” Kunsthof-88, Almelo, Holland 2003 Marc Van Meensel Gallery, Zelem-Halen, Belgium 2002 Gertsev Gallery , Moscow, Russia 2002 Gallery “Paradigma”, Brussels, Belgium 2002 Gallery “Espace Blanche”, Brussels, Belgium 2000 “New Art of Belarus”, Contemporary Art Centre, Warsaw, Poland 1999 “Communication Front”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 1998 Gertsev Gallery, Moscow, Russia 1997 Gallery „d’Haudrecy“, Knokke-Zoute, Belgium 1997 “Bibliothek”, Kunstlerhaus, Boswil, Switzerland 1997 KulturKontakt, Vienna, Austria 1996 “Bel-Art-Transit”, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia 1995 “On the Gallery”, National Art Museum of Belorussia, Minsk 1994 “Artists from Minsk”, Bonn, Germany 1994 “7 Arti


Contemporary art, modern art
Founded in 2006
Nikolay Shchukin   Owner
Marina Preobrazhenskaya   Director
Priority for GALLERY SHCHUKIN - modern and contemporary art.
Gallery is promoting the most talented contemporary artists to display their creativity,
implementation of high-level international art projects, participates in art fairs around the world - from the U.S. to China.
The gallery opened an exhibition space in Paris and an office in New York in 2013.
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