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Mark Hachem

28 Place des Vosges
75003 Paris
T  33 1 42 76 94 93
E-mail address : paris@markhachem.com
Website : http://www.markhachem.com

Exhibitor's Artists:


Cesar Andrade

Carlos Cruz Diez

Francesco Marino Di Teana

Philippe HIQUILY

Hussein MADI


Dominique Polles


Jesus Rafael SOTO

Wolfgang Stiller


Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

Biography : Yves Hayat was born in Egypt. There, most likely, were born his first aesthetic sensibility, his first needs for compliance, his first denials. In 1956, he discovered France and uprooting. During five years, he attended the National School of Arts in Nice. In 1973, Yves Hayat chooses advertising - a creative trade in full effervescence. He will later retain from this creative profession his fascination for images and the importance of their message. Those years enabled him to discover new technologies and to master his technics. In 1990, Hayat returns to art and rediscovers the old masters. While working as an advertising designer he photographs people, the streets, museum paintings and recuperates magazine and web images which are carefully classified. Hayat is a perfect example of his time: an open mind on society, its streets, its media, its internet.


Dorothée Quentel   Assistant
Mark Hachem   Director
Galerie Mark Hachem presents contemporary works, mainly centered on the Op Art with established artists such as Cruz Diez, Perez Flores, Soto and Vasarely.
When the Galerie Mark Hachem opened in New York in 2007, Mark Hachem chose to focus primarily on works of new technologies of the image, photography and digital tools. However, the gallery also exhibits sculptures and paintings, provided that these works blend coherently with the visual and artistic line of the gallery. Galerie Mark Hachem pursues its visual line, with the desire to show new and innovative creations of quality.
From Paris since 1997 Galerie Mark Hachem enjoys artistic diversity and gives free expression to young emerging talents.

Galerie Mark Hachem develops a strong reputation as a consultant to public institutions and as an art advisor for private and corporate collections. The gallery regularly presents solo and group exhibitions and participates in contemporary art fairs including Miami, Palm Beach, New York, London, Shangai, Beijing, Moscow and Istanbul.
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