July 9 - 13, 2015
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  • Dinky toys 235 H W M Racing Car - Walter Dolphyn
  • Sans titre (Fleurs, pastèque et poire dans un paysage ampurdanais) - Salvador Dali

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Exhibitor's Artists:

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali - Sans titre (Fleurs, pastèque et poire dans un paysage ampurdanais)
Sans titre (Fleurs, pastèque et poire dans un paysage ampurdanais)
Walter Dolphyn
Biography :
Born in Antwerp on 21st December 1963, Walter grew up in an artistic milieu. His father Willem, grandfather Victor and great-uncle Denis were all painters. Against all odds, Walter chose for a technical training as a printer, which he completed in 1983, after national service, he did however make an attempt to follow in the footsteps of his illustrious elders, witness a number of still lifes dating from 1984 and 1985, but any real artistic intention remained on the back burner, and when he was offered a job at the printing office of the Provincial authorities he laid down his brush. Despite his unmistakable talent, his artistic achievement in that period was limited to a number of drawings and illustrations for birth announcement, wedding cards and advertisements. After five unsuccessful attempts to take classes in drawing and painting at the Academy of Berchem (Antwerp) he changed his job to a banking firm. Here, he exhibited his work for the first time, a series of drawings picturing houses with dilapidated facades, which he had made during working hours, in-between printing assignments! One day he was asked by Willy de Quidt, a friend of the family to design a CD cover for his latest music project, a house version of Frere Jacques by a line up called So What. To everybody’s amazement Walter disappeared behind his easel and painted a portrait of a futuristic Techno monk standing in front of an intricately detailed brick wall. Not only was this CD cover EMI Belgium's finest of 1992, it also rapidly became a collectors’ item. Victor was astounded. Willem pulled his son by the ear, wife Inge gave him her full support and Walter (honouring a pledge to his seriously ill grandfather) gave up his job and became an apprentice to his father. In the beginning, most of his intricately detailed paintings pictured run-down facades and doorways, much like in his earlier drawings, though he also painted trompe l'oeil. Gradually, the trompe l'oeil gained the upp

Also represented by: Gladwell & Patterson,
Pablo Picasso

Also exhibited by: Contessa Gallery,
Also represented by: Gladwell & Patterson,
Alfred Sisley
Biography :
Julius Schmits, Wuppertal and Basel (1939 until 1953). Wildenstein & Co., Inc., New York; acquired from the above, January 1954. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Combemale, New York; acquired from the above, 1954. Anon. sale; Christie's, London, 27 November 1964, lot 39. Private collection, London. Sir Phillip and Lady Harris of Peckham, London; acquired in December 1993. Richard Nathanson, London. Private Collection, London. Private European Collection; sale, Christie’s, New York, 7 November 2012, Lot 66. Private Collection; acquired at the above sale.

Detailed Description :
F. Daulte, Alfred Sisley, Catalogue Raisonné de l'Oeuvre Peint, Lausanne, 1959, no. 559 (illustrated).

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

Walter Dolphyn

Walter Dolphyn - Dinky toys 235 H W M Racing Car
Dinky toys 235 H W M Racing Car
Donald Hamilton Fraser


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Gladwell & Patterson is an internationally renowned gallery with a proud history that can be traced back to the mid-18th century. Our focus is on fine oil paintings, watercolours and sculpture; from 19th- and 20th-century works to landscapes and portraits by leading artists practicing today. The gallery deals only in works of art of the highest quality and condition and publishes five catalogues each year.

Behind our distinctive monochrome windows on London’s famous Beauchamp Place, Anthony Fuller, the gallery’s owner, embodies the establishment’s calling. “My raison d’etre,” he explains, “is to look around for beautiful paintings. Nothing gives me more pleasure than a great picture.” During the course of its 263-year history the gallery has enjoyed a long and distinguished reputation for discovering the works of future masters.

Whether buying a work from its present owner or placing it in a new home, Anthony and his colleagues rely on their expertise. “We never buy anything unless we like it, and we have touched it,” explains Anthony. His passion for pictures is an indicator as to why three or four generations of some families have come to Gladwell & Patterson for works of art. The same tradition is enjoyed in his own family. Anthony’s son, Glenn, and daughter, Cory, have taken the baton from their father and, together with the gallery team, helped to write the latest chapter in the firm’s history in opening of the Beauchamp Place gallery last spring.

The founding principles of Gladwell & Patterson are trust, integrity, quality and, of course, a discerning love of art. All of our transactions reflect these values. We strive to create a blend of old and new, a balance that maintains the standards of yesteryear while embracing the excitement and pleasure of building an art collection today. We endeavor to guide and assist our clients at each step, from their first viewing of a picture in our galleries to finally appreciating it on their own walls.

The gallery is home to all aspects of art collecting. We continue to provide “an after sales care” in the form of cleaning and restoring oil paintings and water colours together with an antique framing service utilizing our superb stock of hand carved moulds, some over two hundred years old, to present your pictures to their full potential.
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